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Wilderness inspired eco-friendly leggings for living wages


Bewildher is an eco-friendly and ethical made in Canada fitness apparel brand designed especially for women to have a more positive experience as they pursue their health and fitness goals.


You buy activewear to live well, so I’ll bet you agree the women sewing it deserve to live well too. This is how Nadine Manson, the founder of Bewildher Fitwear, feels about the activewear industry. Unfortunately, even brands claiming to be more ethical because they are produced in North America where there is a controlled minimum wage and the working conditions are safe are still not that ethical – not when the minimum wage in most cities is below the poverty line and well below what is considered to be a living wage.

Bewildher is produced in Vancouver, BC, CANADA where most factory workers earn the minimum wage of $11.35/hr while the poverty line sits at $13/hr and the living wage is calculated at $20.62/hr. After three years in business and having come face to face with many unethical practices in the industry Nadine almost quit this past summer, no longer willing to turn a blind eye and knowingly support an industry that underpays its workers. Almost being the keyword. She canceled her fall collection and notified her retailers of the closure, but they say “hardships often prepare ordinary people for an extraordinary destiny” – C.S. Lewis and that’s exactly what Nadine is trying to prove with her recently launched Kickstarter campaign. Evidently not a quitter, she’s relentlessly moving forward in an effort to combat all that she sees wrong with the garment industry.

Nadine is kickstarting Bewildher’s switch to pre-sales only, a change that will greatly reduce her brands material and more importantly financial waste making it possible to supplement the sewers wages so they can earn a living wage. The campaign is already 54% funded and will be live until November 20th. Why should women be willing to support her slow fashion initiative? Nadine says “because I design damn good leggings. If they aren’t the most beautiful, comfortable, flattering and functional leggings worth waiting for I will give your money back. I won’t say no questions asked because I will ask you what I can do better next time. Never settle. Keep moving forward. Together we can make radical changes. Bewildher with me.


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