beyondBeanie | 📍Switzerland

Fairtrade and handmade ethical beanies and accessories.


beyondBeanie is a charitable fashion brand that empowers artisans while helping impoverished children in Bolivia. Each purchase directly benefits a child, from dental care to school supplies, and every product is hand-signed by one of the 20+ talented artisans who mad the item.


In hopes to accurately portray the direct difference you make with each purchase, you can visit the beyondBeanie website to meet and greet the artisan of either LaPaz or Cochabamba who crafted your product. The social fashion brand distributes beanies, headbands, bags, ponchos, and bracelets that each contain a unique donation associated with a child in need. Purchasing 1 beanie gives 5 meals, 1 bag gives 1 set of school supplies, 1 poncho gives 1 school uniform, and 1 bracelet gives dental care, directly supporting one of the hundred children beyondBeanie supports in Bolivia. This company also provides “charity packs” of vibrant, adjustable bracelets where 10% of the profit goes to established charity organization such as Charity Water or the Sea Turtles Foundation. This Swiss-based company has a 100% satisfaction guarantee, offering worldwide shipping making it easy to make a change.

“Rock a bB. Change a life.”


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