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Barefoot, minimalist, bison leather boots

Bison Boots

Bison Boots are barefoot boots handcrafted with bison leather, a love for the outdoors, and hard work.


The Bison Boots team has spent the last couple of years testing barefoot boots, not because they planned on ever making them, but because they came to learn of their importance. When they finally gave up on many barefoot brands they tried, they began to consider making their own. With their prior skill sets they were able to make this a reality.

They believe 100% that they have mastered combining functionality and sustainability to achieve a beautiful end product- a barefoot, minimalist, long lasting boot for both men and women.

How so? They accomplished this by choosing super soft, luxurious bison leather that hasn’t been altered in any way, allowing it to maintain its natural properties of longevity and beauty. Your boots may even have unique markings on them. This is nothing they can take credit for, it is a marking that occurred naturally in the hide, a testament to the life that bison lived.

But choosing leather wasn’t enough to call it a barefoot boot. This is where the Vibram sole is essential. Without its thin 0 drop and flexibility, their shoes would be incomplete. See how it bends easily allowing you to feel the Earth beneath you.

The combination of bison leather and their chosen Vibram soles makes Bison Boots the perfect barefoot boot. And the versatile nature of the color they have chosen is the perfect addition to your hiking trip, business meeting, and/or family and friends gatherings. Bison Boots are made in the United States. They see the project through, start to finish. From design to creation.

They have a vision for a simpler life, resulting in fewer items with higher quality. They know many of you have the same vision as well, so go ahead, what are you waiting on? Come be part of the herd!


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