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Bonfire Outerwear

“The longest lasting outerwear in the game. Quality, performance, and style- finely tuned for you and always, Tailored to Destroy”


Bonfire Outerwear has been handcrafting quality-riding gear for over a quarter century at the base of the Cascade Mountain Range. In a industry filled with uniformity, they pride themselves on being unique. Growing up, Bonfire Outwear’s founders were misunderstood: they were arrested, couldn’t afford lift tickets, hiked up mountains for a single run, you name it. There passion in life was to ride forever, so they set out to make apparel and gear that will last just as long.

Their intention was to create the best gear in the world that would tolerate some of the most catastrophic climates. Today, Bonfire Outerwear has lived up to their legacy by supplying riders worldwide with men’s and women’s jackets, pants, mid layers, and other accessories built to withstand the widest range of conditions from cabin to the back country. The quality and design of this brands gear truly epitomizes the misfit, outspoken snowboarder lifestyle that just refuses to follow the status quo of the industry.

One of our favorites out of Bonfire’s wide selection of gear is their Mater Bib waders. Not only do these keep the snow out of your boots, but they come equipped with Tufftech flex mobility fabric to allow maximum movement and Strata Flow front-to-back vents that keeps the air flowing to balance out the state of the art 30K waterproofing.


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