Clever Travel Companion

100% theft proof travel products

Clever Travel Companion

The Clever Travel Companion crafts trendy clothing and accessories to aid you through a lifetime of adventures. With safety and security being a focused concern while traveling abroad, this company has developed all of its products with anti-theft technology to ensure safe and stress-free travels, no matter where you go.


Inspired by years of adventuring, this company vows to create high-quality products that make traveling fun and easy. With a focus on developing anti-theft clothing, the product that ignited this company was their underwear with pockets. These small pockets, embedded in the underwear, are the ideal size to stash a passport and cash comfortably, to protect against pick-pocketing. With this design in mind, the travel company expanded its variety of items by creating a plethora of articles that include secure, anti-theft pockets. Their products range from long johns, for those summit explorers, to tank tops, ideal for relaxing on the beaches of Spain.

Eager to support the beauty of the entirety of this planet, so all can travel and explore, Clever Travel Companion is proud to support She’s The First, Smile Train, and The Hilde Black Foundation. Between their generous support and reliable products, these guys earned a notable spot in the USA Today’s 10 Best Gifts For Adventures in 2015! So, join the 100% anti-theft travel company and enjoy a lifetime of carefree adventures.


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