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Recycled and organic textiles for men and women

Groceries Apparel

“From Seed to Skin, we are committed to developing awareness of all lifecycle stages of our fabrics and garments, starting with the harvest cycle from plant to cultivation of the root ingredients that our fabrics derive from all the way through the home-sewn production of our finished garments and distribution to our end customers.”


The Cali brand uses ingredients such as hemp, eucalyptus, linen, organic and recycled cotton, and recycled plastic to craft sustainable clothing for men and women. In order to ensure that all workers are treated fairly, Groceries Apparel traces their threads back to the farm and follows the staff across the supply chain. This brand vows to create awareness of the full life cycle of their fabrics, dyes, and apparel construction, in hopes to influence change in the clothing production industry for the betterment of our environment. This cycle is one that has reduced the waste and large carbon footprint left by most clothing production companies. From vegetable dyed t-shirts to maxi skirts, Groceries Apparel creates simple, 100% recycled products that can be shipped anywhere in the world. The company also offers free shipping to those customers in the U.S. spending over $99.

Help create a better planet, check out Groceries Apparel!


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