Grow From Nature |📍Portugal

Sustainable and stylish cork handbags and accessories.

Grow From Nature

Grow From Nature works to preserve our environment, while creating stylish, cork hand bags and accessories. The Portugal company vows to create sustainable, eco-friendly, vegan friendly, products for both men and women.


Determined to make environmentally conscious products, the company only uses raw, natural materials. The trade mark material used, that defines this companies uniqueness, is cork. Cork is harvested by only extracting bark while a new layer of cork regrows. This material is used in all of Grow From Nature products from hand bags to hats. While manufacturing these products, the company avoids harming any trees or depleting the ecosystem. Vowing, also, to protecting animals, these guys create products that are vegan and animal cruelty free, being a PETA certified organization. Joining this socially conscious community and preserving our natural environment can make a big impact on the preservation of our beautiful Earth!

Support the cork company by checking out their eco-friendly goodies.


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