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Gypsy & Lolo

Gypsy and Lolo is an eco-minded design team based in Northern California that was founded in 2002.  Creating fun and unique pieces from sustainable fabrics and giving back to social and environmental causes has been our goal since always. From then until now, we have been true to this initial inspiration and are so grateful that people around the country are resonating with our line and mission.


We, Gypsy and Loic (aka“Lolo”) are partners in life and have been designing together since 2000.  We both pursued our craft at the Academy of Pattern Making and Design in San Francisco, as well as FIDM. Not shortly after in 2001, we started producing and selling our own clothes and never looked back!  In 2002 we had our 1st child and as we considered our children’s future and the planet’s we were inspired to start making clothing that was natural, sustainable and hip.  Since we love looking good and doing good we starting using Organic cotton, Upcycled fabric, and recycled content fabrics.  Most of our production is made in the San Francisco Bay area where we pay fair wages to local sewing shops.  For the last 2 years, we also started planting a tree for every style that we sell.


We draw our inspiration from many places.  Sometimes its a person walking down the street, sometimes it’s a photo in a magazine, our kids running on the beach, the trim store in L.A or a puddle reflecting the clouds in the sky.  Wherever the inspiration comes from isn’t as important to us, as much as the feeling it gives us.  We want people who wear our products to feel happy, free and proud to be the unique individual that they are.  Once that’s happened our mission is complete 🙂


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