Icebreaker | 📍 New Zealand

Eco-conscious, merino wool performance wear


Icebreaker is an industry leading brand that uses innovative production techniques and prioritizes environmentally friendly, merino wool for their products instead of antiquated, inhumane sourcing.



Jeremy Moon, founder of Icebreaker, created his company after a chance meeting with a merino sheep farmer over 20 years ago. This encounter had sparked a revelation for Moon, and from that moment on he was hooked on the possibilities of natural solutions to technical apparel.

When Icebreaker was created in 1995, all outdoor performance clothing was from synthetic fibers from petrochemical plastics. In turn, Icebreaker’s philosophy is simple: to work with nature to develop performance clothing for outdoor adventures.

Icebreaker is VERY responsible with their sourcing. They source super fine merino wool, which is biodegradable, annually renewable, and 100 % made from nature. Moreover, Icebreaker contracts directly with the best wool-growers who have an infinite respect to nurturing and respecting the land and animals. They have banned the practice of mulesing, and only grow and use as little wool as they need. Icebreaker also offers pioneering alternatives to duck down with their MerinoLOFT-a highly breathable, insulating interior that delivers weightless warmth. Their merchandise additionally is cooler than cotton and  utilizes technology that radically increases longevity.

Icebreaker’s end product is one that you can be proud to wear. Their transparent sourcing campaign is the first to introduce a bar code on their apparel that gives wearers the ability to trace the history and lineage right back to the sheep station where it comes from. That’s two IndieGetUp thumbs up for some stellar innovation and eco-friendliness!


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