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RFID protected wallets


“It’s not about how much it fits; It’s about how little you actually need. All our wallets are RFID protected for extra security. Carry less, Carry freedom.” Kisetsu design and craft amazing wallets for everyone who wants more time because life is too short to be wasted on the unnecessary.


Kisetsu creates genuine leather wallets that are mass manufactured in Singapore and China. These wallets are made out of Full Grain Leather and Crazy Horse Leather, they use leather because it adapts nicely and other materials such as synthetics will impact the environment negatively in the long run. All wallets are protected with RFID blocking fabric to decrease the chances of your card information stolen from unauthorized scanners which are super helpful! Why would you spend money on any other wallet, when you can put good money into a wallet that lasts longer and secures your information safely? On their website, you can check out each product page that informs how many cards the wallet will hold, and with the leather stretching over time you can extend the usability of the wallet! Kisetsu wallets are so creative and useful for every day, you really can’t miss out on this product! “Near-endless hours of work combined with the relentless pursuit of excellence enables us to break the boundaries of design. It is this, that allows us to create amazing products.”


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