Livify |📍Canada

The Original World Famous Shaping Pant


“The Original World Famous Shaping Pant! Freddy Wr.Up Shaping Jeans & Pants are sure to give you the curves you’ve been dreaming about!”


Livify was designed to bring premium brands to the market that fuse fashion with movement with the help of their partner; an Italian brand that has exploded across Europe called FREDDY. Wearing a WR.UP means to accept your curves in a natural way and to reward yourself with an experience of femininity and sensuality. Livify has different colors, washes, lengths, and details to match with every personality!

Their exclusive WR.UP technology shapes and embraces action on the buttocks, thighs, and waist. Each pair of pants has the softness of a jersey and an undisputed excellence of Freddy. The WR.UP technology includes a silicon strip inside the belt to improve adherence to the belt line, an ultralight silicon membrane, inserted in the hip/thigh area, and an insert on the buttocks with a special curved shape to produce a push-up effect. Livify will have your butt looking as good as you want without the hassle of a zipper or a belt!


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