Loctote |📍Ohio

Handcrafted, anti-theft bags


“We still believe in the American dream — that hard work, quality, craftsmanship, and a dedication to creating innovative products that improve lives will lead to success. We scour the globe to find the absolute best and most technologically advanced materials and manufacturers available. We compromise on nothing when it comes to quality and authenticity, and cut no corners in crafting goods built to outlive their owners.”


This Ohio brand developed from a quest to find a functional and practical bag that would secure your goods, both on and off of your back. The simply designed bags, produced on this quest, are 100% anti-theft with a lock that securely closes off all access to the content it holds. The material used to produce these products also acts as a form of protection due to the inability to cut through the fabric, ensuring ultimate protection. Being a flask sack drawstring style bag, these products are lightweight and easy to carry making them the ideal anti-theft travel bag. Loctote vows to provide their customers with tough, secure bags allowing you to live more and worry less!


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