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Backpacks made out of repurposed sails

Mafia Bags

“Our belief in a low-impact lifestyle guides every decision we make — from reusing cardboard shipping boxes to guaranteeing every product we make with a lifetime warranty. Sustainability has always been second nature to Mafia through our use of reclaimed sails, and has connected us to the wider like-minded community such as B-Corporation, of which we have been members since 2013.”


It all started as a community-based brand where friends donated sails and used Mafia backpacks, but as they learned they had the feeling that they were onto something big…

In 2012 Mafia opened its flagship store in Buenos Aires as they continued to expand their collection of one-of-a-kind designed bags. Each bag built from recycled sails donated directly to the company from athletes, everyday citizens, etc! Now operating in four different countries, Mafia has not only expanded their product line but also have a growing team of employees and ambassadors! They now contain a refined collection of versatile packs and totes to accommodate beach and city lifestyles including their perfect globe-trotting wetsuit bag. Collaborating with Vans, Reef, the Stanford Design school, and others to bring you these innovative products from reclaimed materials!


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