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Custom Ski and Snowboard Outerwear

Northwest Tech

“As a new player in the snow sports apparel industry, we hope to shake up the standards for product technology, design, and innovation. Founded and scaled by a full-time college student and ski junkie, our jacket features are developed with the avid skier and practical functionality in mind.”


Every outerwear company is different, and Northwest Technical Outerwear was created from the desire to customize and identify that skiers, snowboarders, and mountain bikers each appeal to style, and individuality. From winter snow bibs, a new mountain bike jersey, or an entire full winter outerwear kit; no one wants to see their new gear go out of style. Northwest Tech will never be considered “last season” because every design is timeless and customized entirely by you! They started with the simple idea of designing a one-of-a-kind snow jacket with high-quality waterproofing, and technical features but have extended their custom product offering. Now manufacturing and distributing customizable snow and bike outerwear for winter enthusiasts world-wide!

Northwest Tech is proudly headquartered in Seattle, Washington, with a passion to tailor products to the wants and needs of the snow community. While designing your jacket by using their custom jacket builder you’ll be able to add your preferred technical features and choose from multiple colors for every detail, while still getting the durable, high-quality waterproof product you expect. 


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