Rareform |📍California

From vinyl billboards to bags


Rareform re-purposes vinyl billboards that are destined to sit in landfills into one-of-a-kind, unique, and downright exquisitely cool looking bags.


The year was 2012, and brothers Alec and Aric Avedissian created Rareform; a company that didn’t have to choose between superior quality, product originality, or the environment. Quality, originality, and sustainability are the founding principles of Rareform and also the fuel on which the company runs on today.

Rareform identified a problem with the fashion industry, and took it upon themselves to stand out of the crowd with unconventional production and sourcing methods. It is their belief that every surface is a chance to express yourself, so every one of their bags was once a billboard, and was then hand-cut and crafted uniquely to create their high quality merchandise. Just like every billboard is unique and original, every one of their bags is different from the one before it and has its own history.

Rareform’s bags also boast some pretty swell features. The natural properties of the billboard vinyl makes their bags durable, waterproof, lightweight, vegan, and eco-friendly. They intercept billboards that are headed to a landfill and carefully clean, cut, and sort the material before it’s sown into an original product. And in true IndieGetup fashion, Rareform is re-purposing 20,000 lbs a month of billboard vinyl into one-of-a-kind products! Yeeww!


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