Single organic socks designed to mix and match


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“SOLOSOCKS™ is different in many ways, which allows you to express your individuality with freedom, convenience, and ease of use. We would like to welcome you to the URU family. “Be you – because you are you.”


“At URU Design, we believe in diversity and individuality, and we feature this through creative design.” The purpose is to construct Danish Design shared with practical innovation and high-quality materials. These Danish Designs are about generating aesthetic products that are based on Scandinavian ethics such as functionality, simplicity, and minimalism. When it comes to quality, they use the best possible environmental friendly and sustainable material for most comfort.

All products are made with social responsibility, and solves the problem of pairing and wasting socks. One pack includes seven single socks that use the same colors and pattern, except the colors are placed differently which is very unique. Every sock in the pack can be joined to match each other!


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