Sudara | 📍 Oregon

Clothing that empowers women


“Sudara is a benefit corporation that exists to advocate on behalf of and empower women who have escaped from, or at the highest risk of, human trafficking by providing dignified employment opportunities. We are a mission-driven lifestyle brand whose success is not just measured or defined in sales and revenue, but in our positive social impact and creating long-term, sustainable change.”


Established in 2006, Sudara partnered with an Indian sewing facility who crafted the brand-defining lounge pants, the Punjammies. These colorful pants come in a variety of patterns and styles for men, women, and children. Not only are these products unbelievably comfortable, but the idea that each purchase helps prevent sex trafficking, of women in India, is even more comforting. Due to a lack of education, resources, and skills put these women at great risk to become victims of these hateful crimes, but Sudara vows to change that. The benefit corporation supports hundreds of women, providing them freedom through granting living-wage employment and training programs that have led many women to establish their own tailoring businesses.

Go ahead, check out Sudara and help create long-term, sustainable change by empowering women and girls!


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