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Empowering the women of Nepal

Synergy Organic Clothing

A brand that is crafting high quality, consciously sourced men’s and women’s clothing, and simultaneously empowering the women of Nepal!


As a young, globally-curious college student, Synergy founder Kate Fisher planted the seeds of her brand in 1993 when she bought a one-way ticket to Kathmandu, Nepal. Here, Fisher began buying an array of local textiles and clothing and formed partnerships and connections that started the humble beginnings of Synergy Organic Clothing. In her first month of travel throughout Nepal, Fisher learned valuable, life-long lessons and principles that would soon influence the core values of Synergy. She observed that, unlike herself, the women of Nepal did not have the opportunities and freedom to travel, explore, and make their own path in life. Most of the women she came across had little education, followed the tradition of arranged marriages, and typically would live their whole lives in the villages where they were born.

These eye-opening experiences were what shaped Synergy’s commitment to create opportunities, empower, and dignify all members in the Synergy supply chain. The brand is devoted to using only the highest quality organic materials, paying their workers living wages, and establishing healthy work environments. Consequently, this protects and supports the farmers who grow the organic cotton, the women who knit and create the fabrics, and everyone who works on sewing and packaging the clothing.

Along with her husband, Kate Fisher has worked to create an ethical company that has gone on to empower the people of Nepal, particularly women and children. Synergy also actively gives back to non profit groups in Nepal focused on providing financial empowerment to women and education to children that helps provide a bright, healthy future to those people. By wearing Synergy Organic Clothing, you are making the choice of connecting and supporting the global economy and community. Keep up the good work, Synergy!

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