The Two Oh Three – The 203 |📍 Connecticut

Embodying the culture of the CT coastline

The Two Oh Three

The 203 is the only company that truly embodies the culture of the Connecticut coastline.


 As lifelong enthusiasts of ‘The 203’, founders Roscoe and Tory Brown, found that they were becoming frustrated that despite all of their love for Connecticut, there wasn’t an easy way to express this pride. As a result of this frustration, they decided to launch their small lifestyle brand in the summer of 2014.

Tory was 23 and just returning home from Cape Town, South Africa where she had worked in a creative, event-marketing firm; Roscoe was 18 and just getting ready to leave home for his first year at Syracuse University. They had the vision to create a lifestyle brand that would express their deeply rooted Connecticut pride.

They created a tee shirt that would give customers a tangible way to show their pride for their Community. One shirt lead to two, and before they knew it they had developed an entire line of ‘203 Gear’. With their gear in hand, they drove up and down the CT coast, traveling to different markets and shops in an effort to spread their mission. From there, their brand was born.

In addition to their products, The Two Oh Three now works to not only express Connecticut pride, but also to better their community while doing it. From sponsored community days at the beach to glove giveaways at their local homeless shelters– they try and work as a resource for those who want to help us give back.

Coming from a long line of entrepreneurs they had always dreamed of one day working together on a venture that they both believed in. Creating and developing The Two Oh Three as a brand has become that venture and they couldn’t be more excited to share it with all of you.




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