WAMA Underwear

Naturally Comfortable Hemp Underwear


WAMA is a hemp basics brand with a focus on hemp underwear for both men and women. Launching on Kickstarter soon with a boxer briefs and hipsters design. They believe in the protection of nature by using and bringing more awareness to hemp in the fashion world.


Why hemp? Why hemp underwear? As a textile, hemp is known to naturally have anti-bacterial and anti-microbial properties. And since we all carry the majority of our bodies bacteria in our genitals area, hemp underwear will protect your privates naturally.

WAMA focuses on providing more than just a pair of hemp underwear. WAMA has focused on perfecting the hemp underwear with the perfect fabric, pattern and overall design. They have created a simple yet stylish everyday underwear that you will feel good about wearing. Hemp underwear is also naturally breathable making WAMA underwear the most naturally comfortable underwear you have ever worn.


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