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To inspire better healthier meatless lifestyles

Wholesome Culture

“Wholesome Culture is a lifestyle brand that wants to inspire the world to choose a better, healthier plant-based lifestyle by spreading the message all around the globe in every way possible.”


At the end of November 2016, Wholesome Culture came about this world to inspire a better, healthier, and plant-based lifestyle. Most items that Wholesome Culture provides are Certified WRAP (Worldwide Responsible Apparel Production) and are 100% ethically made. By spreading the message that Wholesome Culture is; you can educate yourself and the people around you to make cruelty-free choices every day. The goal is to inform and help to achieve a lifestyle of a vegan, anyone can achieve this by seeing the direct impact on your level of energy, your health and the animals being saved! With 15% of Wholesome Culture’s profits going to animal rescue organizations, they want to give back as much as they can. The animal abuse on this planet, as well as the negative impact of meat consumption, can be put to an end through the help of cruelty-free products, and the spreading of this knowledge.


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