Yellow 108 |📍California

Sustainable headwear + accessories

Yellow 108

“Yellow 108 is a Los Angeles based head wear company specializing in sustainable hats and accessories made from salvaged and recycled materials.”


Founded in 2010, Yellow 108 has been consistently delivering authentic American heritage, quality, and timeless aesthetic. The name derives from the color yellow, which is usually associated with sunshine, joy, intellect, and energy, and 108, which is a Pantone color for a bright and sunny yellow. This clothing and accessory brand sources their materials from waste produced by eco-textile manufacturers, which allows them the opportunity to create merchandise that is undoubtedly one of a kind, “limited edition,” and  seasonal.

Yellow 108 strives to distinguish themselves in the fashion industry through their undying commitment to the environment. Aside from upcycling all of their materials and fabrics, Yellow 108 additionally donates 2% of all sales to Give Canvas, a non profit that encourages artistic expression and environmental awareness through the creation and donation of canvases constructed from earth friendly and sustainable materials. Go find your next stylish hat on Yellow 108’s site!


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