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our mission is built out of helping brands succeed in the digital space. Through the past year, we have been working closely with brands to find the best solutions for their current needs, even outside of digital marketing.

In doing so, we have partnered with leaders in the fashion industry that specialize in helping brands in all facets of business, whether with their marketing strategy, business development, etc. Below you will find premier IndieGetup partners that we believe can further leverage your business.


Human Operated

Human Operated is a group of passionate individuals that have come together with creative and professional strategies to engage your audience through the art of storytelling. Using cinematic images and digital media, our goal is to redefine marketing and cultivate new relationships. Use Promo Code: IndieGetup200 to get $200 off your next video!

*Receive a FREE Premium Package on IndieGetup when you work with Human Operated.  A value of $229

*Receive a FREE Pro Package on IndieGetup when you work with ShareASale. A value of $149



*Get $20 off any package on IndieGetup when you work with Boostly.

Vibe Consulting

Vibe Consulting was founded to help entrepreneurs make sense of the massive changes taking place within the fashion industry. From business planning, sales systems analysis, and product development & operations, Maria Pesin and the Vibe team have you covered!

*FREE IndieGetup packages will be granted after proof of contract is approved by our team

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