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IndieGetup + Revelfly + Made Trade

$1300+ Sustainable Holiday Giveaway

Everyone loves a good gift, but knowing a sustainably sourced item always makes it extra sweet. This is why we are proud to announce the launch of our $1300+ Sustainable Holiday Giveaway with our sponsor, Made Trade.

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For the past two decades WILDCOAST and its binational team of 20 conservationists have conserved 37 million acres of iconic and globally important coastlines, ocean habitat, coral reefs, whale breeding lagoons, sea turtle nesting beaches, wetlands, and islands in California and Mexico. WILDCOAST is also involved in cutting-edge climate action work.

Featured Sponsor

Made Trade

Made Trade is your one-stop shop for beautifully designed, ethically made goods.

From sustainable bedding to organic cotton clothing, artisan-crafted home decor, and earth-friendly furniture, Made Trade curates the best responsibly-made goods anywhere to make it easy to support small businesses and artisan cooperatives around the world.

Every product is independently verified and vetted for equity, sustainability and transparency, so you know you’re making a positive impact every single time you shop.

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