These 5 Brands Are Turning Trash Into Absolute Treasures


The revolution that is upcycling.

The fashion industry is tied for the 5th most polluting industry in the world and the US has a lot to do with it. Americans put 26 billion pounds of textiles into landfills each year. In an era of cheap and convenient fashion, it’s easy to buy something and throw it away in favor of something new. But, throwing away an average of 81 pounds of clothing a year isn’t doing the environment any favors.

Enter the world of slow fashion. What if you could buy unique, innovative, and ethically-sourced styles that are fashionable and recycled? Far from a find at your local thrift shop, these brands are turning yesterday’s trash into brand new fashion treasures.

Read on to find out about five brands that are leading the charge of the slow fashion revolution.

Two avid cyclists who built their friendship riding the hills of North Carolina joined forces and create a socially conscious brand of items they use every day. Recover was born and began to offer products such as hats, iPad covers, bags, tees, and totes.

Recover offers items direct-to-consumer and via international wholesale. They took their mantra global with a brand that aimed to revolutionize manufacturing from start to finish.

Their process minimizes the use of water, energy, dyes, chemicals, and emissions. They’ve kept over five million plastic bottles out of landfills, and counting! Recover also partners with important initiatives such as Protect our Parks and the Carbon Offset Program.

Bill Johnston and John Riddle, founders of Recover, work to create a global supply chain of amazing and eco-friendly products that build toward a better tomorrow. Did we mention their tees are super comfy and save eight bottles from the landfill with every purchase?

Favorite Products

Crewneck Sweatshirt – ($45)

Pullover Hoodie – ($45)

Quarter Zip Pullover – ($45)

For a playful, Pacific Northwest twist on all your basic fashions, Arvin has you covered. If you want to leave a smaller footprint, you’ll love Arvin’s commitment to using 100% donated and up-cycled materials for all of their comfortable and sporty socks, underwear, tees, hats, and more.

This eco-friendly company prides themselves on techniques that use the least water possible. Free of toxic dyes and chemicals, wearing Arvin basics is something you can feel good about.

Another benefit? This brand is especially affordable. Your wallet, and the planet will thank you for supporting a company that believes everyone should be able to buy sustainable clothes.

What’s not to love?

Favorite Products

Lloyd Beanie – ($24)

The Boxer – ($24)

Gym Socks – ($12)

Los Angeles based Yellow 108 creates sustainable accessories and headwear with an Americana feel. Constructed from eco-textile waste, Yellow 108’s products feel vintage and stylish. Due to the nature of their fabric, they are always in limited runs of ever-changing colors and fabrics.

Just because their offerings are created from leftover eco-textiles doesn’t mean they skimp on aesthetics. Fine leathers, wools, and other quality fibers come at a cost only up-cycled materials can offer.

As a brand committed to sustainability, Yellow 108 donates proceeds from each sale to Give Canvas. Buying one of their beautiful signature fedora-style hats, for example, guarantees you help eco-focused artists produce works on recycled canvasses.

Favorite Products

EUCLID 5-PANEL – ($40)

Helm Olive – ($30)

Dylan Federa – ($108)

For incredible up-cycled bags and accessories, look no further than Boulder, Colorado. Founder Eli Reich got inspired to make a bag from tire tubes when his bag was stolen, and what came next was an urban-styled stroke of genius.

The Alchemy Goods team constructs unique bags and accessories by combining new and recycled materials. They use everything from vinyl signage, bike tubes, and even truck tire tubes to invent cutting-edge designs that are sold at hundreds of boutiques across the country.

Alchemy products are eye-catching and decidedly modern. Their high-quality manufacturing and design offer a product that is functional, stylish, and pair well with your city style. The leather-like feel of tire tubes looks particularly sharp in a purse or messenger bag.

Favorite Products




Gypsy and Loic are a couple that have been on an environmental mission since 2002. After the birth of their first child, they decided to get serious about creating the kind of future they wanted for their family, thus G&L was born.

On a mission to provide hip, natural styles to consumers, Gypsy & Lolo offers a variety of clothing and accessory styles for the whole family. Their brand makes use of remnants from cutting and fashion houses to spin new textiles that are unique and beautiful.

Not only do they plant a new tree for every new style sold, but G&L also focuses on sustainable manufacturing produced by fair-wage workers. Supporting a variety of charities such as Greenpeace and Vote Hemp, this power couple is on track to create a better world through fashion, advocacy, and ambassadorship. That’s a mission worth blogging about!

Favorite Products

Dune Pants – ($111)

Trekker Hat – ($36)

Sundaze Straw Hat – ($40)

As conscious consumers, we wield incredible power with our dollar. If you want to make a big impact every day, you can support companies with eco-friendly clothing and manufacturing processes.

Brands like these are paving the way for a future of less waste and pollution. By recycling and up-cycling clothing and fabric cast-offs, we can keep billions of pounds of textile waste out of landfills. Why not put on something you can feel good about?

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