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IndieGetup is a digital platform for a community of conscious individuals to discover the very best in new and innovative grassroots clothing brands around the globe.

We approach the world of fashion unlike anyone else in the world of digital marketing today. Rather than looking for a consumer-driven solution, we focus on solving problems for growing local businesses.

As a freelance digital marketer, co-founder of IndieGetup, Brandon Dendas, found that up-and-coming, local clothing companies often had a hard time effectively leveraging awareness for their brands when using a direct-to-consumer approach.

Until now, most marketing platforms these clothing companies had access to were built upon a pay-per-play model – meaning that once a company stopped paying, their brand would become invisible to online shoppers.

With all this in mind, Brandon decided that there must be better, more cost-effective, and more creative way. He wanted to create a solution that would make it fun and easy for grassroots clothing brands and people all over America to connect with one another. So he started IndieGetup.

We’re constantly searching for the greatest brands to add to our platform with an average of 3+ submissions from new companies every week!

Meet Us

Our Team

Brandon Head of Business Development
My true passion lies in helping small businesses grow through creative digital strategies.
Max Director of Brand Partnerships
Passionate about disrupting the conventional way of shopping for clothes online.
Kristen Content Contributor
Passionate about living consciously and inspiring others to do so in the process.
Hanna Social Media / Content Contributor
A fashion enthusiast with a desire to explore and create.


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