$2600 Nomadic Adventurer Giveaway

Enter to win a trip to Costa Rica through EXPLORE! We’ve partnered with a killer lineup of brands to give you all the gear you’ll need to make the most of your trip!

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EXPLORE! is giving away one trip to Costa Rica, worth an estimated value of $1560. Go whitewater rafting in the shadow of Arenal’s volcanic peak, or sail through the jungle canopy by zip-wire, spotting toucans as you pass. Explore the wildlife and forest trails of the Monteverde Cloudforest Reserve, a biodiverse paradise for nature enthusiasts. Relax on the white-sand beaches of Manuel Antonio National Park, after searching for sloths and howler monkeys high up in the trees. Costa Rica’s rich and varied ecosystems do not disappoint. The prize does not include flights to/from San Jose, Costa Rica.

Featured Brands


Adv3nture is a new line of adventure products from world traveler, entrepreneur and TV host Zane Lamprey. The “3” represents three things: Travel, Exploration, and Living Life to the Fullest”. You may have come across this Kickstarter campaign for their ADV3NTURE HOODIE, which is first and foremost an everyday hoodie made with luxurious comfort and premium quality. Secondly, it’s about creating a hoodie that’s stylish to wear for any occasion.


Ridgemont is an outdoor shoe and clothing company fueled by a desire to be able to go anywhere and do anything. Ridgemont wanted to create something that could withstand use on all outdoor terrains, but still look great around town. Every product that Ridgemont designs can take you from the airport to the hiking trail, without sacrificing style or functionality. Top quality materials are sourced to provide waterproof breathability, vulcanized construction for strength and feel, lugged outsoles for maximum grip, and many more features in every shoe. The goal was great looking, tough, simply styled shoes and clothes. The result was Ridgemont.

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Born in the Pacific Northwest, Minim was founded to create truly versatile gear that blended the worlds of performance outerwear and traditional apparel. Minim was tired of getting soaked every time they stepped into the rain. But bulky, plastic rain gear wasn’t going to cut it. That’s why they used some of the highest technology fabrics in the world to create garments that can weather the storm without compromising style or practicality.Minim hoodies and pants are crafted using state-of-the-art fleece that is not only soft and breathable but waterproof. The result is a tech-fleece lineup ready to tackle the mountains, coast through a night on the town, and relax on the couch with ease. So hop on board, you’re gonna be wearing this stuff a lot more than you think.

Gobi Gear

Gobi Gear was founded by an outdoor adventurist, just before her first trip to Nepal in 2009. Being tired of chaos in her backpack, while camping, traveling, going to the gym, home for the holidays, and so on, she decided to do something about it. One compartment wasn’t good enough. She wanted organization and the ability to compress all the items – just like a sleeping bag stuff sack.

Wildhorn Outfitters

Outdoor fun is our passion. We thoughtfully design gear to meet a range of outdoor lifestyles. Whether you prefer beaches or mountains, we’ve got you covered. Founded in 2015, we’re part of the new age of outdoor companies. Our gear is affordable, unique, and accessible. We strive to do good and invest a portion of our revenue into preserving wild spaces for generations to come. Try new things. Take loved ones with you. See the seldom seen. Share the wild.

Andar Wallets

A N D A R — a Spanish verb with a meaning “to carry” started in 2015, where we set out to make something unique and minimal that would last. From there came The Baron, a unique and simple minimalist wallet. Since then, more designs and wallets have followed and many more projects are in the works. Andar strives to bring high quality hand crafted goods at an affordable price. Our products are simple, unique, functional, and minimal..

Kind Design

Kind Design is a clothing and design company that creates with the intention to spread kindness towards the earth and others, simple as that. Whether you’ve been here since the start or since today, we thank you for supporting Kind Design and everything we stand for.


Cloudline was inspired by that feeling you get after spending hours hiking under an overcast sky, when you finally climb high enough to break through the clouds and see the blue sky above. Your legs burn, your heart is thumping, your breath is short, but as you look out across the open valley, now clear and open above the cloud line, you get a sensation of chills down your spine and a grin grows across your face as you realize that it was worth the climb. This is the feeling we want you to experience as you pull your feet into our merino wool hiking socks. That feeling is what we strive for every day. We want you to experience the CloudLine.

Green Traveler

The GreenTraveler is a reusable, four compartment, liquid-tight travel container for food, drink, and other beverages. It is the best way we know of to conveniently carry meals without messes. Take different foods in different compartments with one portal container clipped to your backpack, purse, strap or anything else you wish! Choose from five great colors to match your personality and your outfit.


The Canadian outerwear brand vows to provide superior comfort through creative innovation and responsible manufacturing. Westcomb works with experienced manufacturers that provide a level of product craftsmanship and attention to detail that is key to producing the “highest quality, best performing product in the industry.”

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