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Every product that Ridgemont Outfitters designs can take you from city sidewalk to the hiking trail, without sacrificing style or functionality. The 2018 Monty Hi does just that.

It is a smooth balance of a classic 80’s-based design, wrapped in a modern shoe. Contrary to what you’d expect out of hikers, these bad boys aren’t too bulky, making it perfect to wear with shorts, jeans, cargo pants or khakis.

The hi-density rubber lugged sole prevents slips, and the heel stabilizer makes them versatile over moderately rugged terrain.


The newest feature of the 2018 Monty Hi’s are the Mini RipStop panels and a SYMPATEX bootie liner, making the boot 100% waterproof/breathable. That’s right WATERPROOF & BREATHABLE.

Simply put:  it keeps water from coming in, while allowing for body moisture to pass out, thereby keeping your skin cool and dry.

Seems like a bold claim, right? We did too, so we did the research and this is what we found.

The waterproof tech is compiled of four layers.

The inner lining allows for rapid moisture absorption and the hydrophilic intermediate layer wicks it away. So when your foot starts to sweat during hike/walk/etc. etc. the build-up of moisture is held there and cannot get back into the inner lining due to the suction effect which is directed towards the outside. 😱😱

That stinky foot juice (EW.) then travels to the hydrophilic membrane through an innovative intermediate layer. Once absorbed there, the moisture is pushed through the hydrophilic membrane and is the vaporized, which allows for dynamic breathability. (SYMPATEX, 2013)

Other Notable Features of the Monty Hi include:

  • 100% Hi-Density rubber lugged sole
  • Bespoke heel stabilizer
  • Ballistic nylon panels
  • Bi-fit flexible lasting board
  • Eva-Cush open cell anti-microbial insole

For more of an in-depth look at each feature listed check out: Ridgemont Features


Ridgemont’s style is derived from the lightweight outdoor footwear last seen in the 1980s.

To me that makes them like the Toyota 4Runner of shoes. A vintage, but modernized body type, fit for city / suburban streets, but equipped and technically engineered for the wild.

Furthermore, they have the capacity to withstand a variety of terrains, but they are also lightweight and comfortable enough to wear from city sidewalks to mountain trails, and everywhere in-between.


The Ridgemont Monty Hi is an easy wear, meaning that they’re not heavy like most hiking boots, yet are sturdy enough for a casual hike or a bagging a fourteener.

They’re also aesthetically versatile, so you’ll look casual enough around the city, making them an exceptionally good pair of shoes for a newly-grounded Denver transplant, like myself!

So if you’re in the market for a new pair, I’d highly suggest checking these bad boys out. For other similar shoes and brands like Ridgemont, discover by SHOES.

For more information about Ridgemont, be sure to check out them out here: Ridgemont |📍California

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      Notable Material

      Bespoke Heel Stabilizer, Bi-Fit Flexible Lasting Board, Eva-Cush Open Cell Anti-Microbial Insole

      Distinct Features

      SYMPATEX bootie liner

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