How we do what we do

We're dedicated...

to finding you the most sustainable / ethical menswear. We spend hours each day researching and hand-selecting the best brands for our community.

Once we have discovered a brand that we believe our followers would love, we make sure they align and hold true to our core criteria. As a team, we evaluate each brand on a set of aspects that truly make them worthy of sharing.

To understand our selection process, here is IndieGetup’s criteria:

The IndieCriteria


As consumers, we have become increasingly conscious about our purchases, channeling the power of our vocalized objections to make a positive difference for the people involved in the making of our clothes and goods. At IndieGetup, we look for brands that have practiced both fair labor and environmental awareness.


First and foremost, we research to see if the brand is truly innovative. Innovation can come from various aspects but typically consist of textiles, manufacturing, and design. We love disruption, so we seek out brands that are truly creative in their efforts to develop a truly unique product or business.


We love shopping small and helping our local economy, so we dedicate our time to finding the best local brands in each state and country that we believe are a better alternative to mainstream fashion brands. Shop Local. Shop Small.

Values To Shop By

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