Our Favorite Trunks for Summer 2K18

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It's time to bust out those thighs

Summer 2k18 is coming in hot and the IndieGetup crew want you to break out those pasty thighs in fashion with our favorite line of men’s swimwear. Our team scanned the web and came up with a list of trunks based on these three categories: Optimal Exposure, Peacockery, and Performance.  

  1. Optimal Exposure: When it comes to a good pair of trunks it’s all about thigh exposure. These trunks will give burns where you never thought the sun would hit. To make matters better or for worse, these bad boys ride up and may even leave you walking around the beach or boat party with a bulgin’ moose-knuckle… ain’t nothing wrong with that.
  2. Peacockery: For starters, I hadn’t a clue this was a Merriam-Webster accepted term until writing this, but it looks like we may have a new addition to our collection of categories. I digress. If your thighs aren’t ready for the spotlight, but you still want to dump it all out, we’ve got you covered. Bright in color, funky in design, these trunks will boost your fragile self-esteem.
  3. Performance: We searched the web for super durable, and sporty trunks that can withstand both the motion of the ocean and an overall active lifestyle without busting your budget.

So without further ado, here’s our list:

These bad boys top our list for all three categories. With 5.5″ inseams, back zipper pocket, and some funky designs these trunks are crafted for both optimal fun and functionality.

Duvin ties together super funky designs with sleek and modern cuts. These are some high performance 4 way stretch boardshorts, making them versatile and super comfy. As they say, “Grab a pair, kick back, relax, and enjoy a cold one.”

That’s right we’re going across the pond with these trunkers, EURO STYLE baby! Part underwear. Part trunks. Optimal Thigh Exposure. Eroix are made for a life where anything can happen, the SUIT & TIED brings the effortless cool from the moment you put them on, all adventure long.

Kenny Flowers has moved in the swimwear space and we hope they’re here to stay. Check out their limited line of extra funky trunks for you movers and groovers out there.

These dudes really know how to craft a stylish pair of boardshorts. Their vintage 60’s and 70’s surf vibe comes alive in their large collection of men’s swimwear. If you are looking for a vintage look and versatile feel than the boys at Mollusk have got you covered.

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