OCA Low NATGEO Turtle Off-White Canvas Sneaker Men



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G’day to the green turtlethe world’s largest sea turtle and resident of over 80 countries worldwide. The green turtle is responsible for the ongoing health of seagrass and its microhabitats, promoting the growth of this underwater plant through grazing habits.Our turtle friend is an endangered species, and a reminder of our role as surfers and beachgoers. Invasive human behavior, like pollution and habitat destruction, represents the greatest threat to their future. Remember the #1 beach rule: pack in, pack out!Our love for the Earth is what first inspired us to create our sneakers. OCALow is handcrafted for lasting quality, made with certified organic cotton, sustainably harvested rubber, cork, mamona oil, and even recycled plastics.[ split ]Upper: Cotton canvas Lining: Cotton canvas Sole: 100% slip-resistant rubber Insole: Mamona oil bio based with cork insert with CARIUMA logo Laces: Made with recycled plastics + organic cotton, with debossed metal aglets Construction: Handmade vulcanized sneaker; fully stitched outsole


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