OCA Low Pantone Pale Lilac Canvas Contrast Thread Sneaker Men



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This hue evokes the magic of naturally pink matter. You might find it evokes the soft hue of quartz crystals; the nacreous interior of a conch shell; the flesh of ripe peaches, or lilac in bloom It’s the mystical, lit-from-within hue we just can’t seem to shake, right on time for the spring of 22.Handcrafted using a robust organic cotton canvas, the OCA Low Canvas exists at the intersection of functionality and style. With our 100% vegan insoles – made from cork and organic mamona oil – these sneakers ensure optimal comfort and a perfect fit. OCA Low boasts a unique cap toe design and a fully-stitched rubber outsole, for a lightweight yet durable shoe with an extended lifespan.[ split ]Upper: Cotton canvas Lining: Cotton canvas Sole: 100% slip-resistant rubber Insole: Mamona oil bio based cork insert Laces: Made with recycled plastics + organic cotton, with debossed metal aglets Construction: Handmade vulcanized sneaker; fully stitched outsole


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