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Fisherman Sweater

Editor's Review

The Fisherman Sweater is a winter classic with seafaring origins, and an Outerknown staple. Outerknown keeps things traditional with the sweater’s thick, knit woven cables and fully fashioned construction. However, as is tradition, Outerknown throws their own spin on the classic sweater. Where most similar sweaters are clunky around the abdomen, the Fisherman Sweater comes equipped with added slits at the seam to allow for a more relaxed fit.

Most importantly, Outerknown sources Merino wool & organic cotton for their Fisherman Sweater. Wool is extremely biodegradable, and organic cotton is minimally processed and requires 90% less water to grow. The Fisherman Sweater by Outerknown is the best option for your wardrobe and the globe.



  • Thick, cushy cables
  • Slits at the side seam
  • Knit, not sewn
  • Biodegradable


  • 55% Extrafine Merino wool
  • 45% organic cotton

Editor's Review

A sustainable, modern-fit spin on a winter classic.

The Fisherman Sweater boasts outstanding quality and an undying commitment to sustainable sourcing. Although the sweater is warm and snug, it sacrifices nothing to functionality.

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