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While Ray-Bans are great, comfortable, trendy, all the things you look for in a good pair of sunglasses, they aren’t great for the environment. Although they are an American brand, they outsource their work to factories in China, so they aren’t made in America, and they use plastic to make most of their glasses. Knowing that most of these sunglasses will one day end up in a landfill, there has to be better options!

We understand it’s not always easy for you to find sustainably made eyewear that is trendy, on brand, good for the environment, and made with love. We did the work for you! Read on to discover the top 5 best sustainable alternatives to Ray-Ban sunglasses.

Top 5 Sustainable Alternatives To Ray-Ban

1. Sunski


Price Range:

$49 – 58

Sustainable Materials:

Recycled Frames, No Plastic Packaging

Instead of using a more traditional metal or acetate, Sunski have been able to salvage material destined to landfill and upcycle the plastic! Their SuperLight frames are stronger, lighter, and more comfortable than anything on the market. Sourced locally and saved from a US landfill. They glasses come in a recycled package that uses origami folds instead of plastic and glue to package and protect our frames.

Favorite Products

Avila – $54

Foothill – $46

Andiamo – $71

2. Proof Eyewear

Owyhee Acetate-Proof-Eyewear

Price Range:

$68 – $180

Sustainable Materials:

Wood, Acetate, Recycled Aluminum

Founded by 3 brothers in Idaho, Proof is passionate about creating sustainable sunglasses, without hurting the earth, and their sunglasses show it! They use sustainably sourced wood, cotton based acetate, recycled aluminum, and repurposed skateboard decks to create their sunglasses. They allow wearers to sport classic looks while giving the recycled goods another life!

Whether you’re looking for prescription glasses or some shades, Proof does it all!

Favorite Products

Ontario Wood – $115

Atlas Sunglasses – $115

Banks Blue Eco – $83.99

3. Pala

Zuri - Pala-eyewear

Price Range:

$80 – $120

Sustainable Materials:

Recycled Acetate

Pala is passionate about creating a business that puts people and the planet before profits. Their sunglasses are made from recycled acetate and bio based designs. Pala also gives back directly to eye care projects in Africa for every pair of sunglasses they sell. Their sunglass cases are also made in Ghanian based weaving communities, ultimately helping these people make an income, and empowering them to keep their tradition of weaving.

Favorite Products

DAYO – $91.28

DARYA – $91.28

PENDO – $103.45

4. Tens Sunglasses


Price Range:


Sustainable Materials:

Plant-based Italian acetate, originating from renewable resources (wood pulp & natural cotton fibers)

Tens are 100% biodegradable. Tens was started by photographers driving through Scotland. They wanted the world to look like a filter, so that’s exactly what they did, created some sunglasses with some awesome colors and tones to see the world in a new light… literally. They even worked with color psychologists to create the best tones to boost your mood! You can get both prescription and regular sunglasses from Tens.

Favorite Products

Classic – $89

Dakota – $89

Spencer – $89

5. Woodies


Price Range:


Sustainable Materials:

Wood & Bamboo

These sunnies are beach ready and made from wood and bamboo! These sunglasses are polarized AND Handmade. They keep their product line simple, because they want to spend as much time in nature and not in front of their screen and they want you to do the same!

Favorite Products

Walnut Wood Sunglasses – $28

Burl Wood – $55

Full Zebra – $60

6. Tree Tribe

Bamboo Sunglasses - Blue Lens Bamboo Sunglasses - Blue Lens Bamboo Sunglasses - Blue Lens Bamboo Sunglasses - Blue Lens Bamboo Sunglasses - Blue Lens Bamboo Sunglasses - Blue Lens Bamboo Sunglasses - Blue Lens #TREETRIBE BAMBOO SUNGLASSES - BLUE LENS - tree-tribe

Price Range:


Sustainable Materials:


Tree Tribe’s main focus is using eco friendly material for all their products. For every sale they make, they plant a tree. To date, have planted over 400,00 trees in 12 countries! They even have a map on their website so consumers can see where the trees are planted. These awesome shades are made of bamboo, float, and have polarized lenses.

Favorite Products

Bamboo Sunglasses – $49.94

Cat Eye Polarized – $25.24

Beach Blazer – $48.80

We know it’s easy to fall back on the brands we know. There are so many great alternatives that are high quality, affordable, and leave no carbon footprint. These amazing brands are changing the sunglass game and doing so much good for the earth. Investing your dollar to support these sustainable alternatives to Ray-Ban is such an easy way to vote for a greener planet!

Here’s our full list of Sustainable Sunglass Brands!

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