9 Sustainable and Ethically-Sourced Fashion Brands for Summer 2019

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Stock your wardrobe with brands that care. Here are our picks for the best ethically-sourced fashion brands bringing sustainable apparel to the world.

Did you know that it takes 2,700 liters of water to make one cotton shirt? And consider the billions of cotton shirts worn around the globe. That’s a ton of water usage!

So what can we do to help? Choosing eco-friendly clothes produced under ethical conditions is a good start. Check out these ethically-sourced fashion brands to create a wardrobe you can be proud of.

1. Tees for Bees

Retro Save the Bees shirt Tees for the Bees

This company doesn’t just have a cute name. They’ve got an important mission that affects us all.

Tees for Bees operates to protect the bees that affect so many aspects of our lives. Bees are a vital part of the ecosystem. And bees are the sole means of pollination for many of the flowering plants around the world.

They make their clothing from the highest quality materials. They’re sweatshop-free and made with ethical standards. Plus, these shirts are a really cute way to spread the word about saving the bees!

2. PF Flyers

Center Hi PF Flyers

If you’re as nostalgic as we are about the 90s, you’ll remember when Benny “the Jet” Rodriguez pickled the beast in The Sandlot. And he couldn’t have done it without the ultimate running and jumping shoes: his high-top PF Flyers.

PF Flyers have been around since the 1930s. They’re now owned by New Balance, a company affiliated with the Fair Labor Association. This means they strive to create fair labor laws and humane work environments.

3. The Tropics

Roo Trunks The Tropics

Did you ever think you’d wear water bottles as swim trunks? The Tropics, a company located in Florida, uses recycled water bottles to make their swim clothing.

They host monthly beach cleanups at many of the beaches in the Miami area. And they’ve partnered with a company called Repreve that creates fabrics out of recycled materials, like plastic water bottles.

A typical set of swim trunks uses 92% recycled polyester. You can enjoy the ocean instead of polluting it with these recycled shorts!

4. Warp+Weft


Warp+Weft embraces the idea that every person should own a pair of comfortable, eco-friendly jeans. They’re made in some of the most sustainable factories in the country.

They use a fraction of the water that’s necessary to make a regular pair of jeans. And they filter water to reuse it throughout the manufacturing process.

The cotton used in the jeans is high-quality raw cotton that’s responsibly-sourced within the US. Even their coloring process is unique. They source their dyes from Germany, only using high-quality indigo dyes.

Plus, their jeans are comparable in price to many name-brand jeans on the market.

5. Broken Forest Co.

Flower Tee Broken Forest Co.

Headquartered in Washington state, Broken Forest Co. strives to make small-batch, eco-friendly clothing. 100% of their clothing is designed and made in the US. From their materials to their packaging, they strive for as little environmental impact as possible.

Their primary materials include polyester made from recycled plastic bottles. And organic cotton that’s grown without harsh chemicals.

They also pay attention to their growing and manufacturing process to help conserve water. Their organic cotton producers use far less water than traditional cotton producers. And their recycled polyester uses less water too.

6. Harvest & Mill

AirLight Short Sleeve Shirt Western Rise

At Harvest & Mill, it’s all about the cotton. This company has control over the cotton from the seed to the final stitch. And it’s all eco-friendly.

Working directly with organic farmers, they cut out the middleman to save time and resources. All of their products are grown and produced in the US. And they promise honest labels and healthy farming practices.

Harvest & Mill is located in Berkeley, CA. They work with their local sewing community directly to ensure fair wages. They also avoid unnatural fabric dyes and harsh chemicals.


downriver tank I DO SUP

Do you SUP (Stand Up Paddleboard)? If so, you’ll enjoy the mission of this company, located in Virginia. I DO SUP started as a way to bring together the paddling community.

It’s now grown into a sustainable, ethically-sourced clothing line geared toward the active person. Athletes design their activewear. Their line includes active tanks, t-shirts, and leggings.

Every item of clothing is made from at least 7 recycled plastic bottles. And they offer UV protection and anti-microbial properties in their clothes. Plus, the clothes fit great and stretch easily to keep up with active bodies.

8. The Parks Apparel

Live Under The Stars Distressed Tee The Parks Apparel

Do you love national parks? If so, you need to check out this California company. The Parks Apparel company is all about setting trends for the outdoor lifestyle community.

They have a strict policy about not dealing with sweatshops. Their clothing is trendy yet classic.

They manufacture their products using the most sustainable processes available. And with the Guatemala Project, any apparel purchased goes toward conservation efforts in the rainforest.

8. Aquanautia

Navy Ultimate Adventure Shorts Aquanautia

The folks at Aquanautia understand what life on the water is like. That’s why they designed their clothing with waterproof pockets to hold your valuables! You can swim up to 30 meters underwater without having to worry about your phone getting damaged in your pocket.

Their shorts use magnetic technology to ensure the pocket stays closed and watertight. Plus, they dry in under 30 minutes. So they’re great for days when you plan to be in and out of the water.

Aquanautia also uses sustainable materials to make their shorts. Each pair of shorts is made from 92% recycled water bottles.

Support Ethically-Sourced Fashion Brands

When you support ethically-sourced fashion brands, you’re doing more for the environment than you know. Every year, millions of plastic water bottles make their way into landfills and oceans. And millions of gallons of water are wasted by the fast fashion industry.

These are a few of the options available if you’re looking for sustainable choices. Check out all the brands we’ve mentioned here and more on our ethically-sourced fashion page!

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