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Now more than ever, we need each other. Companies everywhere are coming together, shifting operations, and supporting healthcare workers in the fight against the Corona Virus Pandemic. 


In times like these, every little bit helps. We’ve decided to highlight sustainable brands that are donating supplies, making masks, and doing their part in beating COVID19. All of these brands are already really great brands, and now they’re doing great things and deserve to be recognized! 

Read on to discover some awesome sustainable brands helping COVID-19. 

1. Remu Apparel


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Remu is a company that is ethically and environmentally responsible. They use quality textiles refurbished, and if they can’t find what they need, they will use materials from nature, such as natural, organic, or recycled fibers. They fight gender inequality by allowing their women workers behind the clothing financial freedom and independence.


During the COVID-19 Pandemic, for every $10 donated, they will donate ten masks to the community of Miranda Ecuador to help support them during this time. This will allow Remu to keep their operations running so they can continue paying their employees as well.

2. Freedom Company


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Freedom Company is a Nashville based company that makes basics such as tees, sweatshirts, and hoodies. Not just during COVID, but during normal operations, they support nonprofits. For every item sold, the buyer has the power to pick the nonprofit they want to donate a portion too. This is one of the impressive sustainable brands helping COVID-19. Freedom Company has shifted its domestic manufacturing to help produce non-medical face masks for first responders and communities in need. They are focusing their efforts to make 5,000 masks a week! 

3. Sunski


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Sunski is a sunglass company that makes sunglasses by turning scrap plastic into recycled frames. The end result? Plastic that gets a new life instead of wasting away in a landfill. For every pair of sunglasses they sell, they are donating a pair of protective medical goggles to a health care provider in need. All you have to do is go on their website and fill out their form if you are a Health Care Provider or know one in need. 

4. Topo Designs


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Topo Designs is a Colorado outdoor brand that specializes in packs, apparel, and accessories made for adventure. One of our favorite parts of Topo is its repair program, where they create a rehab center for well-loved pieces and give them another life. Topo has partnered up with the Colorado Mask Project, which provides masks for Coloradans to help prevent the spread of COVID-19. 

5. Flowfold


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If you’re looking for minimalist wallets, backpacks, totes, bags, or dog-gear, we highly recommend checking out Flowfold. Flowfold uses recycled products such as scarps of sailcloth to create durable, lightweight products that are tough as nails. Flowfold has shifted its operations to develop PPE For Heath Care Workers in need. To request PPE, head to their website, and fill our their inquiry form. 

5. Moore Collection


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Moore Collection is a Denver based screen-printing business that does it all. From Apparel to home goods to accessories. Something remarkable about Moore Collection is that all their t-shirts are handmade!  Since COVID-19, they’ve started to sew facemasks to sell, and are donating 15% to feed the frontlines of Denver.  You can purchase a mask or a pack of masks right on their website.

6. Swrve Clothing


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Swrve makes clothing for an active lifestyle. Clothing such as bike pants, jackets, trousers, shirts, and accessories. Recently, they created a mask design to help the cause. They use wool since it does not retain moisture like cotton, but they also have a cotton option. They are best for the general population. All masks are made in their sewing room in LA. You can purchase them on their website. 

7. Allbirds


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Allbirds make eco-conscious shoes from start to finish. Their goal is to have a 0.0 carbon footprint! To highlight a few of the conscious materials they use: recycled bottles to create laces, recycled cardboard to package up shoes, and wool from merino sheep and tree to create the actual shoes! During these unprecedented times, they have donated $500,000 worth of shoes, which is about 5,000 pairs! While they have exhausted their shoe supply devoted to the cause, they have switched to the buy one give one model so they can split the donation and keep sending front-liners Allbirds! 

8. Pakt


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Pakt creates duffle bags and backpacks that are sustainable and top-notch. Their main duffle is their best seller for a good reason. It’s a duffle bag with all the bells and whistles. It packs like a suitcase but acts like a duffle.

Right now, they are donating $10 of every sale of The Pakt One bag to a humanitarian organization providing protective equipment and medical supplies to those responding to COVID-19. That’s something to celebrate! 

9. Keen Footwear


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Keen makes shoes that are earth-conscious and made of natural yet recycled materials. They specialize in shoe’s sandals, boots, hiking boots, work boots, and more! In the last month, they have sent 100,000 free Keen shoes to people on the front lines helping fight COVID-19. They hope that these shoes help workers stay comfortable during a long shift, or allow them to get outside and breathe and feel the full effects of nature during this challenging time.

10. Everlane


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If you haven’t heard of Everlane, it’s a pretty great brand. They are an American online retailer that is well known for its trendy clothing, transparent pricing, and ethical and environmentally friendly factories. They currently have a collection called 100% Human and are giving 100% of profits to helping feed COVID-19 Responders. 

11. Ekzo


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Ekzo is a San Diego based clothing and accessories company. Ekzo means exotic – because they believe beauty is everywhere, and it is their mission to represent it. They use 100% natural fibers in all of their products and only buy from ethical suppliers.


Right now, they are giving away household masks for free to anyone who needs one. They come in two sizes, are made of 100% cotton, and have an extra added layer for protection. If you want to support one of the hardest working sustainable brands helping COVID-19, you can donate to Ekzo. Just Venmo @alizee-hazan or purchase anything from their website! 

There is so much good happening in the world amidst all of the chaos. A little good news does a lot of good. If you or your friends need some good news to consume, make sure you share this article of sustainable brands helping COVID-19. 

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