Father's Day Made Easy!

We know dads are hard to shop for. Instead of skimming the aisles on the way to your parent’s house hoping you can find something to make a great Father’s Day gift, why don’t we plan ahead this year?

Oh, and we have some good news. We did all the heavy lifting. We picked out 12 sustainable Father’s Day gifts that you can give to your dad this year. We hit all the bases, from clothing, accessories, and even some fun toys. And if you’re reading this, you already know the drill, every last gift is sustainable and GOOD for the environment. Read on to discover 12 gifts that can be shipped straight to his doorstep!


The Ice Barrel is a simple, fun, and easy way to add cold exposure to your routine – and a perfect gift to give to any father interested in health and wellness.

Cold water therapy has tremendous physical, mental, and emotional benefits, helping with injury recovery, feeling better, and connecting deeper to body and mind. It does this by reducing inflammation and pain by constricting blood flow to muscles. By temporarily reducing nerve activity, cold therapy reduces swelling and muscle spasms. stimulates the nervous system, can also decrease neurodegenerative disease risk.

This is a great gift to help your father stay healthy and have a chance of keeping up with you whether you’re playing sports, climbing a mountain, or hanging out on an adventurous vacation.


A soft, stylish, and comfortable polo your father will want to wear every day. Made with Merino wool, this Polo is casual and has a versatile style with no flashy logo. It also dries really fast, keeping you comfortable.

This luxuriously silky soft shirt is will make a long lasting gift, as it is designed to maintain its form over time and stay breathable and dry while smelling and feeling fresh, no matter what it goes through.


Danish design by Jakob Wagner for a timeless look, Jakob has the ability to bridge the gap between great aesthetics and functional products that each and every person can incorporate into their lives. An art that many designers struggle with, separating the good from the great.

Gifting a watch that is not only high-quality but also ethically and environmentally responsible will show your dad that you care about him – and the planet.


Give a gift that can be used as a blanket, travel pillow pillow, light sleeping bag, or even an emergency poncho. It is water and spill resistant, and it can be stuffed into the stash pocket for an easy throw pillow for hammocks, airplanes, and more. Durable zippers and a carabiner loop also make it easy to use.

Made from recycled materials, the Puffy Kachula is a warm and reliable multi-use eco-friendly fabric that your dad is sure to love.


Using 100% Recycled PET material in this tailored fit sun hoodie, your dad will find this perfect for any outdoor activity.  With its front zipper pocket, longer tail in the back, and simple tie string hoodie to keep the sun off the ears and neck, he will appreciate all the little things that make this lightweight yet durable hoodie ready for whatever activity he has in mind.

And perhaps best of all, this JOOB hoodie is made from natural biomass that comes from crab and/or shrimp shells that prevents bacterial growth, keeping it fresh, hygienic, and odor resistant.


When rock climbing, the goal is to have every piece of protection you need, while keeping things as light as possible. This was the driving force in creating the new Cam sunglass from Zeal Optics. Crafted with plant-based Z-Lite thin injection process, Cam weighs in at under an ounce, including its plant-based Ellume Polarized lenses. Add in ProFlex rubber inlays and Cam will stay in place for every bold move, whether on the rock, or just hanging at your next father and son BBQ.


Everyone’s dad must have heard about 11x World Champion Kelly Slater – and these shorts are developed and tested by the man himself. This is the most high-performance trunk out there, making it the best board short you can get for the dad that loves to be at the beach riding waves or staying active in the sun.

These shorts are also made from 86% recycled polyester, 8% recycled spandex, 6% spandex, which essentially takes waste plastic water bottles and turns them into high-quality garments – all while reducing CO2 emissions and keeping a valuable material in circulation. Your dad will probably appreciate that as well.


Printed laces. Slip on style. Casual design that goes with everything. Made from recycled plastic bottles in the USA. We absolutely love these shoes – and we bet your dad will too.

They provide lightweight support for all-day comfort, and they are water-resistant but breathable. And moisture-wicking – and antimicrobial.


Want to give a gift that doubles as a good conversation starter shirt? How about a shirt made with 100% certified organic cotton? This one will give you all of that, along with a modern fit for a modern-day father. He can add a blazer and fitted jeans or wear it with shorts to complete any look he chooses.

Alright guys, that’s a wrap! 9 gifts your pops will love! Sustainable Father’s Day gifts shouldn’t be hard! We know shopping sustainably can be overwhelming at times. One article at a time, we hope to make it a bit easier! Discover a full list of sustainable menswear brands here.

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