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13 Best Organic And Sustainable Nespresso Pods

August 18, 2022main
13 Best Organic And Sustainable Nespresso Pods

Nothing beats the morning blues like a good cup of coffee – we’re talking the real stuff, just a cup of steaming coffee, rich with the flavor of the finest beans. And when it comes to good coffee at home, Nespresso is the natural go-to.

But single-use pods and non-organic coffee beans make enjoying good quality caffeine responsibly a bit more difficult. We’ve hunted high and low for the best sustainable and organic Nespresso pods, so you can stock your coffee bar and indulge in quality coffee without impacting the planet.

The Best Eco-Friendly Pods For Original Nespresso Machines

1. Woken Coffee – Biodegradable Nespresso Compatible Pods

Price Range: $7.25 – $39.99

Woken Coffee believes that the little things add up. One non-compostable coffee pod at a time, landfills overflow.

Woken Coffee offers a solution, so that your espresso pods don’t outlive you. Their Nespresso-compatible compostable pods change the narrative. A change as simple as the material of the pod is just a little thing, but the little things add up.

Finally, you can enjoy excellent coffee with a low impact on the environment. Woken’s eco-friendly pods come in a variety of blends and intensities, ranging from South American to Indian, Robusta to Arabica.

2. Tayst – Biodegradable and Compostable Nespresso Capsules

Price Range: $20 – $48 monthly

Tayst knows that doing good feels great, and with their compostable coffee pods for Nespresso machines, they make that feeling a daily experience.

Offering monthly subscriptions of coffee pods, they’re perfect for the regular coffee connoisseur.

Their coffee is focused on social and environmental responsibility, supporting farmers and communities in the Rainforest Alliance to improve livelihoods, promote the well-being of the communities, and ensure decent working conditions for workers, gender equality, and access to education for children in these communities.

All Rainforest Alliance CertifiedTM coffee farms are audited annually against a rigorous standard, ensuring responsibly grown coffee, year after year.

The Rainforest Alliance works with farmers and communities to protect biodiversity, while delivering financial benefits, and nurturing respect for workers and communities.

When it comes to socially responsible coffee pods and sustainable Nespresso pods, Tayst is worth remembering.

3. Artizan Coffee – Organic Coffee Capsules for Nespresso Original Machines

Price Range: $44.44

Artizan Coffee is all about organic, fair trade, specialty coffee. Their coffee is roasted in small batches, and carefully put into Nespresso-compatible biodegradable and compostable coffee pods.

Artizan Coffee’s biodegradable Nespresso pods are made with a material called ecovio®. It’s a high-quality bioplastic, and it’s chemical structure makes it biodegradable.

This material also preserves the coffee within. Consisting of a biodegradable BASF polymer and of polylactid acid (PLA) which is derived from corn, ecovio® is more resistant to mechanical stress and moisture, meaning you can get your cup filled without the pod disintegrating and store your pods without fear of moisture making the treasure inside stale.

4. Hardy – Italy Espresso Capsules

Price Range: $34

To Hardy Coffee, specialty coffee isn’t just about about indulgence, but about making the simple pleasures in life a little more eco-friendly. Their organic coffee blends are sealed in recyclable Nespresso-compatible capsules to lock in freshness and flavor.

Whether you’re looking for fruitiness from the high altitude of Peruvian mountains or a subtle acidity originating from Zazibar, medium strength or coffee that’ll knock your socks off, Hardy’s variety is sure to satisfy both you, and the planet with organic, earth-friendly beans.

5. Meseta – Nespresso Compatible Coffee Capsules

Price Range: $39.99 – $50

Meseta’s winning selection of Nespresso-compatible coffee pods is down to their curated raw materials, their fifty years of experience in coffee roasting, and the unmatched attention to detail during each stage of production.

Their pods are all fair trade and organic, allowing you to get your daily coffee hit without negatively affecting the planet, or other people. Meseta’s Nespresso pods are also climate neutral, being the first “zero impact” certified coffee pods in Italy.

6. Cap’Mundo – Paris Nespresso Compatible Pods

Price Range: $29.99

Cap’Mundo Nespresso pods are another option worth remembering. Cap’Mundo is all about the art of coffee roasting. Their pods encapsulate all the effort they put into sourcing sustainable coffee, mastering blending techniques and crafting rich sensory profiles while roasting. Everything they do, they do for the planet, and they do for the consumer’s experience.

Their coffee is responsibly and sustainably sourced, and their pods are 100% home compostable, and suitable for Nespresso machines.

When it comes to Cap’Mundo, you can expect fine quality coffee pods and sustainability without compromising on the convenience of a Nespresso-compatible pod, or the taste of an incredible cuppa Joe.

7. Gourmesso – Fair Trade Coffee Pods

Price Range: $5.29 – $51

Gourmesso’s Fair Trade Coffee Pods are another responsible option for sustainable and organic Nespresso pods. Whether you’re looking for an espresso, a Lungo, a decaf, or a flavored coffee, Gourmesso’s got the blend for you, and all fair trade and USDA certified organic.

Gourmesso Nespresso pods are 100% compostable and you can order them on the go with their handy app.

Another plus is their affordability. Gourmesso capsules are more than 30% more affordable than original Nespresso pods, coming in at around $0.45 per Gourmesso pod.

8. CRU Kafe – Organic Nespresso Compatible Coffee Capsules

Price Range: $4.07 – $27.11

CRU Kafe is a certified B Corp, and all of their products are organic, fair trade, and ethically sourced.

CRU’s fair trade coffee is partnered with the Soil Association that works with more than 3,500 farms and organic businesses around the globe. They ensure that none of their farming practices involves manufactured chemicals and pesticides, using less energy and leaving a lower impact.

Their coffee capsules are made from 100% recyclable materials. As part of the nationwide Podback Scheme, CRU Kafe offers free recycling services. All you need to do to keep your end of this sustainable bargain is collect a free bag for empty pods and arrange a drop-off once it’s full.

9. Rokit – Organic Nespresso Compatible Pods

Price Range: $5.42 – $37.93

Rokit is another brand offering sustainable and organic Nespresso pods, but they have a unique twist – blends with added functional health benefits. With Rokit’s organic Nespresso compatible pods, you can enjoy your morning cuppa and get the added benefit of an energy boost, a concentration boost, immunity boost, better sleep, healthy hair and nails, or overall wellness support, depending on the pods you opt for.

Rokit’s Nespresso compatible pods are completely compostable, free from plastic, and made from renewable raw materials, so you can indulge without harming the earth.

10. Rosso – Coffee Capsules for Nespresso Original Machine

Price range: $23.50 – $30.90

Rosso Coffee Roasters is another for the books, sourcing from ten countries around the world. Each has their own unique production style, micro-climate, coffee varieties and, flavors, giving Rosso access to a range of seasonal origins and blends throughout the year.

Beyond their ethical sourcing mindset, Rosso brings their sustainable coffee variety to your coffee nook with their compostable and renewable bags. Rosso’s coffee bags are 60% compostable and 100% renewable.

The Best Eco-Friendly Pods And Pod Accessories For Nespresso Vertuo Machines

11. Eco Pod Coffee – Ultimate Vertuo Pod

Price Range: $29.95 – $50

Eco Pod Coffee’s Ultimate Vertuo Pod is made for reducing waste, saving you money, and allowing you still indulge in the convenience and joy of a good pod of coffee. The Ultimate Vertuo Pod is infinitely reusable, and effectively pays itself off in just 3 weeks. It doesn’t require extra filters or lids, and being reusable it’s next-level good for the planet.

The level of customization is great too – personalize the pod with whatever blend of coffee you feel like and the rest is history.

Each purchase comes with 1 reusable Nespresso Vertuo capsule, a screw-on lid, a tamper, a coffee scoop, and a cleaning implement, so you have everything you need for sustainable coffee consumption.

12. Eco-Logical Method – Reusable Vertuo Coffee Pods

Price Range: $32.99 – $38.99

Eco-Logical Method is another brand offering reusable Nespress Vertuo capsules. They’re a once-off buy that’ll last for years, helping reduce your waste & save the environment from single-use pods.

Each pod is 100% stainless steel and BPA- and aluminium-free, making it completely non-toxic even when hot.

You can experiment with various coffee blends for 80ml shots or 230ml mugs. These versatile, refillable pods are compatible with Nespresso Vertuo, Nespresso VertuoPlus (round top), and Nespresso VertuoPlus (flat top) machines.

13. Crema Joe – WayCap Reusable Silicon Cap for Vertuo

Price Range: $29.95

More sustainable Nespresso coffee pods can be as simple as a silicon cap on the original Nespresso Vertuo pods. That’s exactly how Crema Joe’s WayCap reusable silicon cap. The cap is designed for Vertuo pods and is super easy to use, and takes up minimal space in your kitchen drawers.

The silicone used for the cap is food grade, and premium quality. It’s easy to clean and made to last a long time so you can enjoy your favorite coffees at a pocket-friendly price and a planet-friendly brew.

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