Top 7 Sustainable Menswear Brands From New York You Probably Never Heard Of

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The Big Apple Is Going Green!

New York has long been America’s fashion capital of the world. It’s truly a magical place of style, innovation, and fashion freedom. There are so many great brands that come out of the big apple, but the sad truth is, many are not sustainable or even the least bit good for the Earth. Today we’re highlighting 7 New York sustainable clothing brands that deserve to be top of mind.

Top 7 Sustainable Menswear Brands From New York You Probably Never Heard Of

1. Tidal NYC

Tidal NYC

Price Range:


Sustainable Materials:

Castor Seed Extract

Tidal stands for one thing: Comfort. With everything they make, their goal is pure and blissful comfort. Our favorite part is that their flip flops are made from plants. Yep! You heard us, right! The soles are now formed with castor seed extract, which is a renewable plant-based material. Their flip flops are at an extremely affordable price point, and they have so many colorways and options to choose from. Long story short, you NEED these flip flops in your life. 

2. Todd Shelton

Price Range:

$85- $300

Sustainable Materials:

natural, biodegradable fibers in fabrics, lowering the risk of micro-plastics (polyester) polluting waterways

Todd Shelton’s clothing is made right here in America. One of Todd Shelton’s mission is to help men of all ages stay current, consistent, and professional with their clothing. How do they do that? They simplify the wardrobe to help professionals connect to all generations. It’s pretty genius if you ask us! Basics can never go out of style. 


They make it all from jeans, shirts, pants, t-shirts, and sweatshirts. We wanted to highlight a pair of jeans because they are exceptionally well made and stylish. This dark wash is great for the workplace or a nice dinner out in town. It pairs well with a button-down or a simple t-shirt. While the denim is from japan, the jeans were made in New Jersey. We promise these will become a staple in your weekly rotation. 

3. Threads 4 Thought

Price Range:


Sustainable Materials:

Organic Cotton, Recycled Polyester, and Lenzing Modal

Threads 4 Thought was made in the hope of creating a product with a smaller impact on the environment and support in-need communities. Everything they do is centered around service. T4T sources the world’s most sustainable materials, including organic cotton, recycled polyester, and lenzing modal, while also using ethical factories worldwide. 


We love their Garrett Triblend shorts because their stylish but still comfortable. They have a tri-blend fleece of 50% recycled polyester, 37% Organic Cotton, and 13% Rayon. If you’re not on the market for shorts, though, don’t lose hope. T4T makes a plethora of different clothing styles from tees and tanks, shoes, hats, joggers, pants, and more. 

4. Softwear

Price Range:


Sustainable Materials:

Siro Modal, Non-toxic dyes

Softwear makes soft and stylish hoodies, joggers, and t-shirts. We are a big fan of their Men’s hoodie. It comes in 4 colorways and is smooth as butter. It’s the perfect everyday hoodie to wear while you work, lounge, go on a hike, or even out with the boys. It has that basic look that you can dress up or down. 


Softwear also prides itself on using sustainable materials and non-toxic dyes. This wasn’t an easy feat, but they did everything they could to make it happen. The result was the softest, most comfortable clothing that was sharp, cleanly designed, and made for living sustainably. The high-quality French terry is sustainably and ethically made in Los Angeles by a family-owned mill. They created it to solve a problem. We can guarantee you will sleep better knowing a Softwear piece is soft on your wallet, on the Earth, and most importantly – on you.

5. Brave Gentleman

Price Range:


Sustainable Materials:

Future Leather, Future Wool, Future Silk, Future Ivory, Organic plant-based materials

Brave Gentlemen was the first vegan lifestyle brand in the world! This brand was created by Joshua Katcher, a fashion designer, author, activist, and educator. He knew what he was doing with this brand. They have a plethora of ethical materials that are minimally impactful, vegan, recycled, organic, and tech sustainable. 


On to the clothing! They make made to order suits, footwear, pants and shorts, jackets, and more! We’re a big fan of their shoes but also their Taylor dot shorts from recycled denim. It’s a warm-weather outfit piece that will look great with a short-sleeve button-down or v neck T-shirt. These shorts are made with natural corozo buttons, 100% recycled cotton/poly blend from Brazil. 

6. Swoveralls

Price Range:


Sustainable Materials:

Organic-Cotton & Recycled Polyester Blend

Sweatpants + Overalls = Swoveralls. Yep! You heard us correctly; this NY based brand solves a tragic problem… There were no sweatpant overalls, and they wanted some. Swoveralls has a mission we can get behind too. Their mission is to create the world’s comfiest apparel items using sustainable resources & ethical manufacturing processes.


They also make Swoveralls shorts, if you’re looking to be comfy but in the summertime!

7. Knickerbocker

Price Range:


Sustainable Materials:


Knickerbocker has a unique story and is one of our favorite New York sustainable clothing brands. While most brands enter the space with a design idea, they actually came into existence by factory first. Their goal was to try to give people a manufacturing solution—high-quality production with sustainability and transparency. Soon after, knickerbocker was formed, and it’s alive and kicking! 


Knickerbocker specializes in home goods, outerwear, shirts, accessories, and more. We love that there is full transparency on their website, where you can see the factory it was made at and exactly what it is made with as well. 

We hope you discovered some awesome New York sustainable clothing brands. Stepping out of your comfort zone is never easy. All these brands are carving the path to the future. One dollar at a time, we can vote to make the world a greener place.

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