13 Sustainable Menswear Essentials You Need for Summer 2020

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Sustainable Summer Clothes for Men!

Summer is right around the corner, and ready or not, here she comes! It’s time to pack up your coats, beanies, and scarves and bring out shorts, tees, swim trunks, and casual wear. A few new items never hurt, either. The best part? You guessed it! All sustainable and GOOD for the Earth. Sustainable summer clothes for men shouldn’t be hard to find. We did the dirty work, we rounded up 13 essentials you NEED this summer!

gocap - CIELE

Ciele is really stepping up to the plate. While they used to use polyester, they now found sources of recycled polyester and have pivoted all their manufacturing. Now, they use Repreve recycled polyester in all of their caps! Repreve is the world’s number one brand of recycled performance fibers. We love the GOCap SC in Burnnavy. It has a soft curve brim, is made with Repreve, and is lightweight and fast drying. This is the perfect workout or hike cap. It’s also machine washable to keep it feeling and smelling fresh!

Pre-Cut Polarized Replacement Lenses
Tajima Direct

Your summer wardrobe is definitely not complete without a pair of sunnies. Look no further, Tajima Direct is truly changing the game. You know that pair of sunglasses you have with scratches all over the lenses? Well, Tajima Direct sells brand new polarized lenses to fit ANY frame of glasses. Instead of your sunglasses going in the trash, they get a second chance at life. All you do is send in the frames or just order precut lenses if it’s a popular brand. After that, they send you your brand new pair of sunglasses! 

Federal Wood
Proof Eyewear
proof eyewear. - federal wood

Proof Eyewear stands for this idea that products can be good for the Earth, and you can still be a global citizen in the process. The bird logo represents the belief that “everyone has wings to fly. Some just need a little help.” Their business and products reflect that. We love the Federal Wood glasses. They have a timeless look and are handcrafted from the most sustainable wood in the world. They are also water and sweat resistant for our adventurers out there. 

Nordgreen philospher watch

Is your wardrobe ever really complete without a watch? The answer is no. One of the unique aspects of Nordgreen is its giveback program. After you purchase your watch, you get to choose where you want your no-cost donation to go. They have three programs: clean water, educating the future, or protecting the rain forest. We absolutely love the philosopher’s brown watch. It has a wide round face with an interchangeable strap. This allows you to customize your style of the watch to your liking. This is of those essentials you’ll want to pass down to your grandchildren. 


Organic Cotton Tee
Organic Basics
organic basics - organic cotton tee

Organic basics put sustainability at the center of their business. They partner with factories that care about the environment, and the fabrics are also eco-friendly as it comes. Sustainability is a necessity, not a luxury for Organic Basics.

We are big fans of the men’s organic cotton tee. The best part is they can double as a plain t-shirt or loungewear. They are made of all-organic cotton and extra soft! By buying this t-shirt, you also save 15 ounces of chemicals, 1.7 pounds of CO2, and 1 ounce of waste.  

Flannel Shirt
Ekzo - flannel shirt

Ekzo is a San Diego based brand and completely killing the sustainability game. They use 100% natural fibers and operate under the belief that there is only room to improve the surf and beach lifestyle markets to make it more sustainable. They have a TON of sustainable summer clothes for men. We wanted to highlight the Flannel Shirt Heather because it’s the perfect summer casual button-down. Its breezy, casual, and looks great with shorts or pants. 

Men's Everywhere Pants
Joobwear - Men's everywhere pant

Joobwear is an adventurous company that is inspired by the advent of sustainable clothing and fair trade initiatives. It is part of their mission to help give back to mother nature, its employees, and it’s ecosystems. All their products are zero waste with the goal of having no JOOB clothing live in the landfill. The Men’s Everywhere Pant is truly impressive. JOOB uses a nylon/spandex combo that provides max comfort but still has structure. These pants truly move with you. They are quick to dry, stretchy, and stylish. Head to town, to the gym, on the water, or wherever else life might take you! 

Tambo Wool Jacket
Remu Apparel
Remu - Tambo Wool jacket

The Tambo Wool jacket is ethically handmade by communities of women in Ecuador. It is made of a 50/50 blend of wool and cotton. The mixture of both creates a well-formed structured jacket that is trendy and comfortable. These jackets are made to order to reduce overproduction and waste. If that doesn’t tell you how much Remu loves the environment, I don’t know what will. Remu prides itself on being environmentally responsible, a leader in standing for equality, and takes social responsibility for all of its actions. 

ESSNTLS Flip Flops
indosole - essentls

Insoles is being the solution to the tire problem. They are aware that are far too many tires creating toxic fumes, polluting the Earth, creating disease, and more. Indosoles want to use those tires to make something good. That’s why they developed shoes with a soul. We love their ESSENTLS flip flop. They are made of natural rubber and vegan uppers. Coupled with Indosoles recycled tiresole technology, you get a flip flop that is good for the planet! They are waterproof, cruelty-free, have fantastic arch support, are great for all-terrain, and made responsibility. Can you ask for more? 

Boundless Pull-On Short
toad&co - mens boundless pull on short

Toad&Co operates as if sustainability is the only route. They do everything possible, including using reusable shipping bags to send clothing. They even have a renewal workshop for their clothes to give them a second life. We’re crazy about their Men’s Boundless Pull-on shorts. We love them because their made of recycled water bottles and organic cotton, and also because you can do absolutely anything in them. They have all the bells and whistles, too. Secret zip pocket for keys, elastic waistband, stealthy on-seam hand pockets, and more! 

Eric Trunk
Copper Bottom Swim
Copper bottoms Erik Trunk

Summer essentials wouldn’t be complete without some swim trunks. Copper Bottom commits to designing and manufacturing men’s swimwear with the future in mind. They thrive when it comes to sustainable summer clothes for men. Copper Bottom makes every piece to last a lifetime. We love their Eric Trunk. They offer a slim leg and a mid-length cut. The vibrant pattern has that beach feel, and pairs well with a breezy button-down or a solid shirt. 


Joshua Tree Towel
NOMADIX joshua tree towel

Nomadix believes in sustainability through versatility. They know adventurers are always on the go and shifting between different activities, and they wanted to make a product that reflected that. That’s why they created a multi-purpose towel that is a multi-purpose solution to all your problems. It is a versatile yoga towel, beach towel, travel towel, and more! We’re highlighting the 59 Parks Collection Joshua Tree Towel. We love it because 15% of each sale goes to protecting our national parks. This hit’s all the boxes. Sand resistant, pet hair resistant, quick-dry, butter-soft, durable, lightweight, and packs small. 


Cannon Knit
Saola Shoes
SAOLA shoes - cannon knit

We love the Cannon Knit shoe from Saola Shoes. Saola makes 100% vegan shoes. Their uppers are made from recycled plastic water bottles, and the insole is made from natural cork + algae foam. These shoes are super lightweight, breathable, and stretchy. It’s designed to ensure your grandchildren will be able to enjoy coastlines for years ahead. Saola is also just a fantastic and conscious company. They are more than a brand that wants to sell clothes. They want to make an impact. Every purchase supports the Mwalua Wildlife Trust, and all their products are sustainably manufactured. A genuine brand with a soul.


To our stylish summer lovers, we hope these sustainable summer clothes for men guide helps.  Men’s style shouldn’t be hard! We know shopping sustainably can be overwhelming at times. One article at a time, we hope to make it a bit easier! Discover a full list of sustainable menswear brands here.

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