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Sustainable Clothing Brands Perfect For Travel

August 20, 2022main
Sustainable Clothing Brands Perfect For Travel

Finding the perfect clothes for traveling has always been difficult – and when that includes finding sustainable options, it becomes even harder. But now that worldwide travel restrictions are being lifted and the world is opening up, it is the perfect time to find these diamonds in the rough as we all begin to go exploring our beautiful planet again. That’s why we’ve done the legwork and come up with 9 of the best brands that you can get all your travel clothing needs from, for wherever you are going.

Read on to discover these sustainable travel clothing brands that you should definitely have in your backpack or suitcase the next time you take to the road or the skies.

Top Sustainable Travel Clothing Brands


Price Range:

$12 – $150

Sustainable Materials:

Sustainable Packaging, Recycled Materials, Made in USA

NxTStop’s mission is to create products that meet the versatile needs of travelers while reducing waste in the world. We do this with innovative travel wear to help people to pack less, and do more.

Travleisure® apparel and accessories combine premium sustainable materials with superior performance, comfort, and style for commuting to work, exploring the world, and everywhere in between.

2. Unbound Merino

Price Range:

$20 – $330

Sustainable Materials:

Merino Wool

Unbound Merino is a brand that will help simplify your life and allow you to travel lighter than ever. From the yarn to the fabric, to the final cut and stitch, every production detail is meticulously chosen, implemented, and tested to ensure the garments can last a lot of time and be used over and over.

Behind every simple piece, this brand has extraordinary benefits: simplicity, versatility, and performance. Perfect qualities for travel.

3. Free Fly

Price Range:

$39 – $170

Sustainable Materials:

Performance Bamboo

Free Fly makes clothing for the planet-conscious traveler. From sun protection to stretch and breathability, every item of Free Fly Apparel was designed with practicality in mind. Using only certified organic bamboo, Free Fly’s approach to sustainability starts with the raw materials.

4. Toad & Co.

Price Range:

$65 –  $85

Sustainable Materials:

Organic Cotton. Hemp, Tencel, Recycled Fibers, Vegan

Toad & Co’s eco-friendly clothing is made from sustainable fibers and recycled materials, and their casual day and night designs make them a wardrobe staple – as well as a travel staple. On top of that, the brand employs adults with disabilities in their packing warehouse, adding to the ethical benefits of using sustainable materials to create their garments.

5. Zeal Optics

Price Range:

$15 – $229

Sustainable Materials:

Plant-Based Plastic

This brand is the highest quality eyewear for people like who live for outdoor adventures. Focused on more than just being an eyewear company, Zeal Optics’ mission is to create sunglasses that enhance your time outdoors while working to protect the world around us. They are committed to reducing environmental impacts, using renewable resources in the manufacturing of sunglass frames and lenses, eliminating the use of fossil fuels.

All Zeal Optics sunglasses are made from the castor plant and replace the use of traditional plastics. Also, the use of Z-Resin significantly reduces the amount of CO2 produced during manufacturing.

6. Coalatree

Price Range:

$118 – $12

Sustainable Materials:

Recycled Materials, Recycled Coffee Grounds, Recycled Plastic Bottles

Coalatree designs eco-minded gear and apparel for the adventurer in everyone. Their products are practical, stylish, and functional, especially when it comes to travel.

They use a dye method that reduces energy and water waste at their factories. Their hangtags and packaging are printed on recycled paper with post-consumer waste content, keeping trash out of landfills and preserving forests.

7. Cotopaxi

Price Range:

$30 – $250

Sustainable Materials:

100% Organic Cotton, Recycled Polyester, Recycled Straps

Cotopaxi is a trustworthy sustainable brand that designs colorful products such as jackets, pants, sweatshirts, and backpacks for people who like to do outdoor activities like camping, mountaineering, hiking, and more. . The people who sew together Cotopaxi’s garments are given the opportunity to participate in the design process, instead of simply being told what to do. So most of them add their own custom stitching, pockets, or customized design accents, which is reflected in the unique styles.

8. Prana

Price Range:

$29 – $109

Sustainable Materials:

Recycled Nylon, Recycled Polyester, Recycled Wool, Recycled Cotton, Organic Cotton, Organic Hemp

From the farm to the factory to the closet – we all have an opportunity to reduce our impact on the environment. When you choose to invest in a piece of Prana’s clothing for your travels, you are helping to propel the sustainable clothing movement forward. They believe that quality, durability, and versatility play an integral role in the path to creating clothing sustainably – and they are doing a great job of living up to their role in making this happen.

9. United By Blue

Price Range:

$38 – $98

Sustainable Materials:

Recycled Polyester, Elastane, Organic Cotton

United By Blue an environmentally friendly menswear brand that you can wear any day, for any occasion – especially travel. Their clothes are made with recycled and organic materials in an ethical manner.

And best of all, for every product purchased, United By Blue removes 1 pound of trash from oceans and waterways through company organized cleanups!

10. Patagonia

Price Range:

$55 – $349

Sustainable Materials:

Organic Cotton, Hemp, Fishing Nets, Rubber, Wool

Patagonia produces high-quality clothes using recycled nylon and polyester fabrics, and Patagonia’s vintage vibe is based on the idea that its clothes are built to last for years, not just seasons. Their outdoor-inspired clothing is perfect for climbing mountains and trekking in the elements – as well as on the journey towards these adventures.

11. Psudo

Price Range:


Sustainable Materials:

Recycled Plastic Bottles

Psudo produces sneakers built with eco-friendly fabrics and recycled material. Their dream is to deliver the most sustainable sneaker in the world – and they are definitely in the running for this title.

Psudo sneakers are different from other sneakers not just by the design. They are slip-on with printed-on designs to make it appear there are laces – and all their shoes are produced at a solar-powered facility in Wisconsin.

In Conclusion

There you have it – a curated selection of ethical and sustainable travel clothing brands that you can trust! There really are so many great affordable brands that use high quality, sustainable materials with a lower carbon footprint. These amazing brands are helping to change fashion and doing so much good for the earth. Investing your dollar to support these sustainable companies is such an easy way to vote for a greener planet!

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