The 2018 IndieRecap


Let's recap 2018, and see what went down!

As a team, we wanted to take this time to look back at an exciting year for us at IndieGetup and highlight our favorite discoveries. But, before we do so, I want to take this time to express my own and our team’s appreciation for sticking with us over the year. Your support and feedback, especially on our social channels does not go unnoticed and we can’t thank you enough for that! Okay, so now for the recap…

Though we were technically established in mid-2017, 2018 was the year where things truly came together. In the past year, we were able to grow our unique visitors per month, from 4,000 – 5,000 to 11,000 – 12,000. Our social reach also expanded on both IG, FB and Twitter with 10,000 new faces (thanks for the follow!)

Through our giveaway efforts, we ran 10 giveaways with over 80+ brands, and gave away a collective $13,500+ worth of products. These campaigns were super fun to put together and allowed us to work with like-minded brands outside of the fashion space.

We also partnered with 4 marketing focused companies to further bolster our efforts to help small businesses tackle the digital marketing space.

In October, we partnered with LOFS Shoes to launch and promote their first ever Kickstarter project. In doing so, we were able to help them reach their goal of 11,000€, and launch their latest line of ethically-sourced sneakers, the Fortunas.

Since January of last year, we added over 130+ clothing brands from over 12+ different countries! Of those 130+ brands, 70+ of them fell within the following slow fashion categories, Sustainable, Ethically-Sourced, Upcycled, or For A Cause, though this wasn’t much of a surprise to us. Our goal for 2018 was to focus on discovering and on-boarding companies that were tackling the environmental issues that fashion, specifically fast fashion, has caused and continues to negatively effect our planet.

In sum, this year was full of exciting new additions and a whole bunch of growth. But before we step into 2019, our team wanted give you guys our top 5 favorite picks of 2018. So here they are:

Max's Top 5

Director of Brand Partnerships


Picture Organic is one of the most sustainable brands that we’ve come across. However, their stuff is still very technical from a performance standpoint and they have such a wide selection of products from skiing, to surfing, to street-wear. I value clothing companies that are transparent with their sourcing and manufacturing, and Picture Organic is just that. In particular, their waders in their Adventure Line are my all time favorite.

Arvin has some of the best upcycled essentials in the industry. Their processes of recycling their textiles is actually fascinating, and their merch is really simple yet incredibly comfortable and stylish. Arvin is one of a few trendy brands coming out of Seattle, but lead the pack in style, innovation, and sustainability. I copped myself a few of their boxer briefs, which actually are made of upcycled fishing nets and old carpets.

You can’t really find many bags that are ultra durable and meant to be used to it’s fullest like Alchemy’s. Plus, the fact that many of their products are recycled from bike tubes, truck tire tubes, and advertising banner vinyl is pretty neat. I recommend any of Alchemy’s bags to anyone who stays on the move and needs a long lasting bag.

Incredibly warm base layers that don’t show any wear and tear. Couldn’t recommend them more for any and all outdoor activities. They are outstanding for skiing and snowboarding, but I also throw on Ridge Merino Base layers whether I am commuting to work or getting some work done outside.

I got myself a pair of Boulder Denim Canadiana Jeans and it’s hard for me to wear any other pair. The fit on these bad Larry’s is unparalleled and the stretch, which comes standard in all of Boulder Denim’s jeans, allows me to do virtually anything in them. They are also incredibly fashionable: I actually like sporting them when I go out dancing at the Disco Tech. they are truly a do-it-all jean.


Hanna's Top 5

Social Media Manager & Content Contributor


Tentree comes in as my number one pick for 2018. Tentree has continued to lead the charge in the “buy one, we plant some” model in 2018 by promising to plant ten trees for every item purchased! To this day, they’ve planted over 25 million trees! Their clothing is exceptionally tasteful with their vast collection of outerwear to basics for both men and women.

Jungmaven has cute, stylish, simplistic clothing, which I can appreciate. They have stayed true to what they believe in and use hemp to leave a positive impact on the environment. I’m excited to see what 2019 brings Jungmaven, as we inch closer to their #Hemp2020 campaign, which is encouraging everyone to move away from other textiles, especially cotton, by 2020.

Metamorphic Gear is a favorite of mine for 2018 because of their ability to make superior quality bags and accessories from upcycled materials like sailcloth, truck tarpaulin, seat belts, parachutes, climbing ropes, etc. They’re fashionable, yet functional making them the perfect gear for any adventure that comes your way this new year!

Yellow 108 has a hat for every occasion from caps to fedora to beanies. What I like about them the most is they’re made from 100% merino wool, as well as, salvaged and recycled materials. All of their accessories are super cute too and something I would have in my wardrobe!

Coalatree is a classic outdoor apparel and accessories brand. They made my list this year because of their progression to continue to give back to the earth by providing eco-friendly products, but they also give back to the community by donating profits to feed those less fortunate!

Brandon's Top 5

Head of Biz Dev


As a pasty, blue-eyed bloke, the sun is no other than, what I can consider, an enemy. The only protection I have against the rays is SPF 80+ and a pair of polarized sunnies. This is where Sunski comes into play. Originally introduced to me by a friend, Sunskis have been my go to pair of shades since 2016. They’re polarized, super styley, and ridiculously fair priced. The reason they topped my list this year is because of their push in the slow fashion space. In 2018, they introduced their line of Superlight Recycled Frames, which are made from scrap plastic and, as they state on their site, “stronger and more comfortable.”

We on-boarded a few denim brands this year, all of which had significant differentiators, but Bluer Denim took home the cake. They’re 100% grown and sewn with eco-friendly ozone laundry processes in the sweet ol’ US of A! They have a full line of styles from fits to colors, which makes them a good pick for both casual and business casual wear. Oh, get this, they’ll give you a $15 credit if you just send your jeans in the mail. With that pair they’ll provide it to someone in need. Now that’s pretty neat and very, very sustainable!

A bit of a sleeper in the pack of brands this year, though they should get some extra attention. Why? Its true, I DO SUP’s collection is fairly light, with only 3 styles of men’s tops. Though, what makes them stand out the most is their fabric. Every I DO SUP product is produced with Evolution Generation® (E-GEN®), high-quality performance fabrics that create activewear using recycled plastics. Every garment is made with at least 7 post-consumer plastic bottles, which is significantly (30-65%) more rPET in its development than industry standards.

Patara Shoes landed their spot as my favorite shoe brand for 2018. Simplistic, yet unique in design, Patara Shoes offers a vibrant line of sustainable shoes inspired by a coastal lifestyle that you can wear “from beach to bar.” Not much has changed for Patara in 2018, besides offering a few more colors to both their slip-ons and and lace-ups collection, but their continual efforts to maintain sustainable and ethical practices make them a notable pick for this year.

The last brand on my list for this year is Swoveralls, formerly known as The Great Fantastic. As many of my friends know, I’m a man that likes to “peacock,” or in layman’s terms dress in an outlandish manner. What better way to do so then to wear overalls, but not just overalls, sweatpants overalls! Swoveralls combines two of the most utilitarian apparel concepts developed in the modern era, making the Swoveralls super fresh, functional, and ridiculously comfortable.

2018, that’s a f***ing wrap! Again, I really want to extend my appreciation for your support and we look forward to announcing some BIG, BIG additions and features to IndieGetup in the next few months.

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