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Let's introduce you to these eco-warriors

A recent study came out that said, 66% of global millennials are willing to spend more on brands that are sustainable, according to the State of Fashion 2018 report by BoF & McKinsey.¹ This is a pretty substantial percentage comparatively speaking to the last 5 years, but unfortunately, there’s a gap when it came to millennials actually purchasing sustainably.

LIM College found that only 34 percent of millennials say they are driven to make a fashion purchase because a product was sustainable. The problem that Business of Fashion concluded: product availability and lack of clear marketing.

This problem is particularly frustrating, and actually, one of the main reasons IndieGetup started. Product availability isn’t necessarily the problem, there are many sustainable brands to choose from, just have a look! (That’s over 80+ brands!)

The issue lies in marketing. It’s the brand exposure and ease of purchasing that needs to be fixed. There are plenty of companies today trying to break this paradigm, but more significantly its been driven by individuals. Sustainable / eco-focused influencers have been leading the charge and have been working to create exposure and avenues to purchase more consciously.

So, just like we highlight the best brands within sustainable fashion, we’re doing the same for the ladies that are making the ultimate difference. This list of fashion bloggers will give you a new perspective on the growing topic.

Jill and her husband Luke write this blog together which helps give style for both genders. They both write things in the fashion section and another interesting section they have is “Ponder This”. They sold all of their stuff last fall and set off on a nomadic journey around the world, so they have a lot of new traveling tips which is super cool!

Leah took an amazing eye-opening trip to Belize to volunteer a few years ago. When she got back she decided to live more minimally, sustainably, and be an active voice for slow fashion. Now, she mainly writes about ethical fashion but also covers other eco-friendly topics.

If you want a simpler style you need to check out this blog. Jen’s goal is to offer honest advice about how to have a timeless and minimalist wardrobe. The blog has also won 4 different awards, which is awesome.

This blog used to be a platform for her photography, but in April Aditi relaunched to be more about editorials that span style, sustainability, and social justice. The writing is different than other blogs because it talks about social justice, looking at larger systems of inequality that perpetuate exploitation. Another great topic she talks about is culture and how people are perceived.

Olivia has young kids, so motherhood is frequently talked about. She posts about once a week, if not more. These blog postings are easy to read and fun to look at because the pictures break up the text perfectly.

Cat is a member of InfluenceHer Collective and Ethical Writers & Creatives. She writes a lot of product reviews about ethical clothing companies. You can also read some interesting tips about how to be more conscious when traveling.

Corina is a dreamer whose style is based off bohemian, magical, and festival looks. She edits to the background of her pictures and adds artwork to make them more unique. She also features brands, photographers, and artists on her blog.

Sierra has many things that differentiate herself from other fashion bloggers. One thing is that she has an Amazon shopping list of ethical household items to buy instead of only highlighting fashion. She also offers business tips and mentorship sessions to help build or improve your own blog.

Valeria was raised in Bolivia and now lives in Miami, so some of her blogs are written both in English and Spanish. She is a certified yoga teacher and certified vegan chef who is going to do a retreat in Bali soon. On the website, you can find videos about her travels and blogs about eco-friendly hotels to stay at.

Elena started her blog after watching The True Cost because it inspired her to learn more. She reads a lot of articles and watches videos in order to produce useful content for her readers. Many of her posts are about tips or suggested brands which is helpful if you are new to the idea of a conscious lifestyle.

On this blog, Kestrel writes about all things fashion including waste, reusing, industry insiders, and fair trade. Her blog postings are also accompanied by podcasts to talk more about the topic. The podcasts are made with other people from the industry, so the listeners can get the most knowledge.

Natalie has made her blog a full-time job after being in the fashion industry. She also started a side business to create one new product a month to help you lessen your waste. Recently she had a baby boy which might influence some baby posts added to her array of sustainability topics.

Alden is currently traveling for a year around the world and meeting many people along the way to deepen her knowledge. Since she is living in New York City she does several posts about that, and some other topics include her wedding, thoughts, and apartment. She has also spoken on panels and co-founded Ethical Writers & Creatives.



All of these bloggers have something in common…passion! What they care about is: sustainable fashion and sharing their ideas with people like you. Each blogger is unique because they love certain things, but all talk about ethical practices. While reading these bloggers I hope something sparked inside of you to get inspired and change your ways. If everybody improves one small aspect of their life, it would make a huge impact on this planet!

If you liked this article and want to find out more eco-friendly and sustainable clothing brands click here. Not seeing a brand and think it deserves the spotlight, DM us on Instagram and we’ll see if we should update the list.

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