$1900+ Ultimate Fall Camping Giveaway!

It’s time to plan your next camping trip before the winter months! We’ve teamed up with Let’s Roam, and our favorite outdoor brands to give away a $1900+ prize package to help you get outdoors and explore with friends & family!

Featured Sponsor

Let’s Roam gives you the tools to interpret your surroundings and build lasting relationships. Our scavenger hunt adventures are app-led so you can wander at your own pace.

  • Available in over 400 locations worldwide
  • No reservations or tour guides required
  • Perfect for groups of any size, corporate team-building, and fundraisers

We focus on connection through exploration, creating new ways for people to see the world, create memorable experiences and meet new people. Our mission is to reimagine the way people explore and connect, at home and abroad.

Featured Brands

Advanced Primate

Advanced Primate believes in connecting people to the great outdoors. We deliver high-quality gear and apparel for everyone from weekend travelers to expert explorers. We aim to get you out there and better your next adventure.


BE HIPPY is our grassroots lifestyle brand. It exemplifies a passion for music, the outdoors, traveling, fashion and living life to the fullest. All BE HIPPY goods are designed in our home state, Colorado, and inspired by our love for taking the road less traveled. 

The Classic T-Shirt Company

We believe in the power of simple pleasures — like a classic T-shirt. Doing the right thing brings us joy. That’s why we source only 100% organic cotton, create handcrafted and durable garments, provide fair treatment for all of our farmers and workers, and give back to the world around us. Not to compromise quality and integrity, we design and manufacture all our products locally in California, USA.


DUER has the world’s most comfortable pants. DUER combines Fashion with Function. Our clothes are made to withstand the rigorous demands of the active individual. We pride ourselves in the unique way we source, weave, and blend essential fibres during the development process of our fabrics; our prototype garments are then worn by a crew of testers who hike, bike and explore, to make sure these new goods are ready for DUERs. We fully believe and advocate for a shift in the shopping paradigm and encourage everyone to buy clothing that looks better, does more, and lasts longer.

We make clothes for doers. Because we know that when you’re dressed well in ridiculously comfortable clothes, you can get to the important stuff.


G.Y.S.T (Get Your Style Together) is the creator of the X-Changer Pack system (XCP system) the leading transition bag system that simplifies the process of changing clothes before-and-after exercising.

Super-practical and constructed of eco-friendly materials, our innovative packs have been designed and tested by athletes in real world conditions.

Lawson Hammock

Take your Lawson Hammock anywhere with our patented design that allows for suspended hammock camping or staked and secured ground camping. Sleep soundly as our proprietary spreader bar and arch pole system keeps the hammock flat and more taut than traditional “bunched end” hammocks that turn you into a banana in the middle of the night.

Its built-in no-see-um bug net and attachable rainfly means you don’t need to worry about pesky insects or unpredictable weather conditions.

Comfortable, waterproof and bug proof – relax in the backyard, sleep in the backcountry, stake it in the desert or hang out by the river with your new favorite tent-hammock hybrid.

RISE Brewing Co.

We’re on a mission to make the best tasting beverages on the planet, using the highest quality organic ingredients we can source. Organic doesn’t just taste better – it’s better for you, for our planet, and for the future generations who depend on us. 


ROCKSOLAR provides high-quality lithium-ion battery portable power stations and solar panels. We believe in providing the best quality products at affordable prices. Power your outdoor adventures with ROCKSOLAR providing on-the-go charges for your electronics.

Slow Loris

Located on a small island (called Guemes) in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, Slow Loris is run by a tiny pod of humans. For twenty-plus years, we’ve had our hands and hearts in the business of creating unique designs on quality clothing and accessories for every walk of life. We’ve got you covered.

Survival Frog

Located in Denver, Colorado Survival Frog is a small business living in the big world of Amazon. Everyone at Survival Frog is dedicated and passionate (borderline obsessed) with creating an amazing buying experience for our customers. We carry the largest selection of survival food and hundreds of cool outdoor and preparedness products – shipped directly from our warehouse in Denver.

Tekto Gear

Thanks to laser cutting technology, Tekto knives offer one of the best contemporary blade geometries. The complex and delicate process of compound grind gives our blades that fine cutting edge that holds even after relentless torture.

Trail Butter

What’s Trail Butter? Call it a blended trail mix or a spreadable bar, one thing is certain…This calorie-dense, high fat, high protein, real-food energy nut butter fuels the long haul. We’ve set out to create delicious, all-natural energy food alternatives that provide balanced, slow-burning energy in a convenient portable package, all while using only unprocessed, whole-food ingredients. Since day one, we’ve operated under the mantra, “BE TRAIL READY.”

Untouched World

Untouched World™ is a B Corp certified, sustainable New Zealand lifestyle clothing brand that believes in doing more with less. They thoughtfully design and consciously create their collections with people and the planet in mind, without compromising on comfort, quality or style. Founded in 1997, Untouched World™ set out from the get-go to cause disruption in a flawed fashion industry, choosing to reject fast fashion destined for the dump, and pave the way for a regenerative approach. This new way of thinking has seen Untouched World™ become the first fashion company in the world to be recognised by the United Nations for sustainability.

Vela Apparel

At Vela Apparel, we create the most comfortable, versatile, activewear available while using high-quality sustainable fabrics and materials. Our unique, hand-drawn, designs are rooted in nature and meant to inspire adventure and mindfulness. Our signature hoodies and pants combine the coziness of a fireside sweater with durable, outdoor performance wear. This combination allows you to stay comfy and flexible on or off the trail, mountain or wherever you enjoy the great outdoors.


At Wazoo, we’re on a mission to increase every individual’s capability. We design everyday gear with added functionality, giving people the power to do more with what they wear every day. With calipers in one hand and beer in the other, we pride ourselves on quality, reliability, and thorough field testing to provide gear you can bet your wazoo on and have fun doing it!