$3900+ Ultimate Ski Giveaway

Winter is upon us! To help you make the most of this season, we created a giveaway with one incredible prize package. Win over $3900+ worth of gear, including skis, bindings, jackets, base layers, goggles, a helmet, and much more!

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Featured Brands

Adventure 2.0 + Down Jacket | $418

Scaling a mountain? Wrestling a bear? Buying a bagel? Apricoat was designed by real adventurers who went through every possible challenge to find out what a real adventure coat needs — no matter where you go. Born from a successful Kickstarter campaign with over 11,000 backers, Apricoat is dedicated to creating products that help you adventure further.

The Badger Skis | $650

Argent Skis it the brainchild of lifelong skiers who love to approach the mountain as if it were a playground. Throughout all levels of skiing there is no better feeling than pushing the limits of what you consider possible – whether it be stomping that new stick in the park, or lacing the perfect turn into a groomer – and our special lineup of skis is designed to enhance all aspects of your skiing.

CORE 12 PRO Bindings | $650

Hagan makes ski mountaineering gear — exclusively. An Austrian family-owned business, we focus without distraction on alpine ski touring. We don’t make clothing, hiking boots, downhill skis or running shoes. Our focus is entirely on backcountry ski touring/ski mountaineering — especially light and fast backcountry skiing.

Field Jacket + Threshold Long-Sleeve Shirt + Departure Jeans | $308

Make your life big and your wardrobe small. Bluffworks makes products that solve problems because we believe life is a grand adventure, and your closet shouldn’t hold you back. Our clothes are designed to empower the journeys of men and women around the world. They’re machine washable, wrinkle-resistant, moisture-wicking, and feature pockets — and still look and feel amazing. Because sometimes looks can be deceiving in a good way.

Gift Card | $200

Our gear can be used for various activities in a wide range of conditions, limiting the amount of gear one needs to take on their mountain adventures. Designed to put it on and keep it on, we focus on innovative fabrics that keep you warm, dry, and sweat free so if you’re running laps on the chair or charging uphill, you don’t have to stop to shed or add layers.

The Stealth Shovel | $139

The Stealth is THE original award-winning DMOS shovel. Crafted of lightweight but tough 6061 aircraft-grade aluminum, the Stealth shovel is a perfect companion for any adventure in snow or sand. Collapsible down to a mere 18 x 9 x 2.25”, the Stealth can fit in a backpack, in a trunk, on a snowmobile, or on one of our custom-fitted mounts to accompany you anywhere. The serrated teeth on the blade allow you to use it as a rake, bust ice, or level campsites, and the full-sized shaft lets you do it all WITHOUT ruining your back. Smaller user? No problem, the handle can be used at three lengths. Whether you’re building kickers for snowboarding or digging out your truck in the dunes, make sure you’ve got the right shovel.

Lhotse 145 Goggles & Free Ride V06 Snow Helmet | $318

D•CURVE creates premium sunglasses and snow goggles for athletes and people like you so that when you’re out on the trail (or doing any outdoor activity, from biking, to driving a car), your performance is enhanced with crisp vision; helping you see objects more quickly, see color more vividly, with a higher level of contrast.

As an Independent, Colorado Company focused on providing consumers with a real choice, we offer superior optics using NASA lens technology, all at a moderate price.

Phantom Permanent Waxless Glide | $100

PHANTOM is a permanent, one-time application, waxless base treatment that forever eliminates the need for waxing skis and snowboards. PHANTOM’s patent-pending polymer technology offers ultimate convenience combined with great glide performance that never wanes across all snow temperatures, and for the life of a ski or snowboard’s use.

Resqlink View | $360

ACR Electronics has built quality survival products since 1956 for NASA and the US military. The same technology is used in our civilian products, and has saved the lives of thousands upon thousands across the globe on land, marine, and aviation adventures. From sea to summit and beyond, #StaySafeOutThere with ACR beacons and survival equipment.

Gift Card | $50

Heroclip is a 3-in-1 clip, swivel, and hook that helps keep gear tethered, upright, off the ground, and within easy access. We invented it to be an extra hand that everyone needs, and just like your hands, Heroclip goes with you everywhere and is endlessly versatile.

The Pack Hat | $28

Tinlid Hat Company was started in the summer of 2014 by two good friends from Traverse City, Michigan, Jon Tuck and Will Andre. The idea of an outdoor hat with a sidestrap for pencils started out on our local disc golf course. After making some prototype hats, we started selling them at our local disc golf course as well as some local boutique shops. Early on, we wanted to make sure Tinlid was a business built for the greater good. As a result, we decided to plant a tree through our partner Trees For The Future.

Chips Ultra – True Wireless Snow Helmet Audio | $230

The Chips Ultra are the only universal true wireless helmet audio solution. With glove-friendly controls, it’s super easy to manage all music and voice functions. Connect the Chips Ultra to your Bluetooth device, place them in your audio compatible helmet, and listen to your favorite tunes!

Trigger Gloves | $48

TRUCK gloves is an online, Direct-to-Consumer glove brand focused on building beautiful yet affordable hand wear for skiing, biking and lifestyle uses. We use high quality goat skin leather, textiles and threads. Our designs are tried and tested in the Wasatch mountains of Utah. Distinctive Gloves / Disruptive Prices. #gotruckyourself

Gift Card | $200

By following our own path, we have created a unique line of products that are made to help you keep chill while you are on the move. Treefort Lifestyles gear is made to hold up to our active, wet, and outdoorsy lifestyle in the Pacific Northwest, giving them strength to go everywhere.

Kojniken | $219

Karukinka handcrafts urban-to-adventure performance wear in Patagonia, Chile. We combine handwoven pieces with high-end performance fabrics. The result is modern, versatile apparel that transitions seamlessly from outdoor to urban adventures. We are to date the only vertically integrated global outdoor apparel company in the industry. 



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