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The Vuori brand has been on my radar for quite some time. They are a brand that is built making clothes that allow you to live your days and weeks to the fullest. That’s something that sits close to my heart.
Their symbol is the rise and the shine. They say the rise represents meeting the day’s challenges. The shine represents the feeling you get when you achieve your goals.
The founder is Joe Kudla. Joe created this brand because he wanted to blur the line between activewear and life wear. He wanted to make a line that had multipurpose uses. No matter where you are going, he wanted activewear that felt and looked great.


I will admit, I’m a legging snob. I am a yoga instructor and a busy gal. I teach multiple times a week in a 100+ degree room. My leggings and must have multipurpose use. They need to be quick to dry, comfortable, look good. I don’t have time to change my leggings after every class. From the gym to the grocery store, to naps, they gotta be comfy enough to do it all.

I decided the Everyday Legging was the best pair to try. They are a legging made to look like a jogger. To the naked eye, they look breathable, cute, high wasted (a must!) and they are marketed as great for everything! I need that! I do everything!

When I first received the Vuori Leggings I was quite impressed. I had probably a more unconscious bias than I should have, but I’m used to living in Lululemon Align leggings. And if you’re a girl, and you know anything about leggings, you know aligns are the mecca of leggings. They were packaged nicely, felt pretty good, and looked promising. The drawstring at the top was different, but I was willing to try it out.

The Product

Here’s the tag. Yoga. Train. Run. Travel. Life. I do all of those things. So I decided to take a few weeks to actually do those things in these Vuori leggings. During, I washed them, dried, them, and treated them just like all my other leggings. I really put the leggings to the test. Read on to see my full review!


First up was life. It was a sunny Friday afternoon and I was off of work. I slipped my leggings on and went to the grocery store and ran some errands. They were nice and breathable for this hot Baltimore day and held up well. That’s the thing, I wear leggings even in the summer so nice and breathable is absolutely necessary. I had no complaints. From getting in & out of the car to walking around, they were super comfy! and looked great.

Life – 10/10


After my errands, I decided to go take a yoga class. I kept the leggings on. This would be the true test. My number one pet peeve is when my leggings feel like they’re sticking on my body after I get nice and sweaty. Only the best leggings can have that quick-drying feel even when you’re in a 100-degree room.

During my yoga class, I had no complaints. They stayed up well, were sweat-wicking, breathable. After my class, I didn’t love them. After I got outside, they didn’t dry as quickly as I’d hoped. They had a little bit of that itchy sweat feeling. They definitely weren’t the worst leggings though. As I said, I’m used to aligns that dry a few seconds after you get out of the humidity. I did have to change out of them to go run errands after because I was a little uncomfortable after. I did get a ton of compliments on the leggings though. The jogger with the drawstring style is different and catches the eye.

Hot Yoga – 7/10


Next up was travel. I was going to Minneapolis for the weekend so I decided to wear them on the plane and walking around. They held up great! I got off the plane, straight to food, dropped my stuff at the hotel, and then went back to get ready for the evening. This entire 8-hour process from Baltimore to Minneapolis I was very comfortable. The only semi-annoying feature was the tie. I think its more fashion-related because they don’t make the leggings tighter. Its a tad annoying when you have to use the restroom. Other than that I don’t mind the ties. These leggings thrive in the to and from category!

Travel – 9/10

Run & Train

Just getting back into running and I have some work to do. I took these babies on a 2-mile run to warm up and they were very breathable. I will say they don’t stay up as well as other leggings I usually run in but I would run in them again. After my run, I did a quick weighted circuit. I will say they did stay up much better when I was doing more stationary moves. I loved training in them. they hug your body when squatting/lunging etc.

Running – 7/10

Training – 10/10

Final Thoughts

After wearing these leggings just about everywhere, I’m definitely a fan of the Vuori. This brand knows what they’re doing. I will continue to train, run, and do life in these leggings. I love what Vuori stands for. Vuori continues to make innovative styles that focus on living life to the fullest. The multi-purpose use is a must in my lifestyle. I’m so supportive of this brand that continues to blur the lines between activity and life.

Overall Score – 8.6/10

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Overall Score

8.6 / 10


81% Nylon, 19% Elastane

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Moisture Wicking, UPF Rating, Quick Drying

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