Our Favorite Finds at Winter OR 2018!

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Have a peek at these killer brands we got to link up with at Winter Outdoor Retailer 2018!

Anyone working in the outdoor industry knows that Outdoor Retailer (OR) is hands down the most important tradeshow in the game.

It’s the number one place for buyers and brands to come together to exchange ideas, share new products, make connections, and do business.

At OR you’ll find everything from adventure travel clothing, to snowboarding gear, to pet products. Any new or innovative brands will have the chance to shine and get their name out there.

Winter OR 2018 took place at the Colorado Convention Center from November 8-11. If you’re bummed because you missed this year’s show, we’ve got your back.

We put together a list of the most exciting new brands we came across at Winter OR! Read on to hear about our favorites.

Kingdom is an apparel brand on a mission.

They started their company in 2011 with the goal of contributing to the protection of the world’s wildlife. With poaching and deforestation on the rise, the creators of Kingdom felt called to do something about it.

Their brand is animal-centric, with eye-catching designs that bring attention to the power and importance of wildlife. They also donate a portion of their profits to different wildlife organization, so they’re directly helping the cause.

Kingdom has a clean, simple line of products that include tees, headwear, and a fresh fleece hoodie. They’re definitely a brand to get behind.



Deso was started by a group of friends in California who were tired of seeing consumers just going through the motions, throwing money away on inauthentic products made overseas in less-than-ideal conditions.

Deso Supply Co. makes knit caps, tees, tanks, flannels, fleece jackets, and really unique hoodies for men and women. All of their products are made of high-quality, sustainably-sourced materials, so they are made to last.

You can think of them as “small batch” manufacturers, who are more interested in quality and attention to detail than to just blindly producing as much as possible.

All of their clothes are made in the heart of the US, sewn by experienced craftspeople in San Francisco, CA who are paid livable wages.

Ethical is the new black.

ReDEW8 is a Swedish denim company that produces a line of jeans, but their work goes a lot deeper than that.

They’re making jeans for the sake of their grandchildren, and yours: “…everything we do is done with the coming generations in mind so that they have a chance of seeing and experiencing all the beauty that we can.”

Who can argue with that?

Through the reDEW foundation, they return 25% of their profits to the earth, investing in the future of all life on this planet.

And their jeans are no joke. With “reACTIVISTS” testing their products all over the world, reDEW8 knows that if your jeans aren’t the perfect fit, you won’t wear them. And you certainly won’t invest in a second pair.

They’ve got four different cuts, all of which are gender neutral, but lean either towards more feminine or masculine. So inclusivity is also at the forefront of this innovative company’s mission.



Legend has perfected the art of dope headwear.

This Cleveland-based company has been making unique and legendary hats since 1984.

They’ve got beautiful styles of baseball caps, knit caps, and even hats for young heads. They are all about the quality of each individual hat, so you know you’ll be getting a great product.

Legend started with a single embroidery machine when a couple living in Cleveland decided to add a side-hustle to their already busy grind. They discovered a passion for putting hats on peoples’ heads, and the community fell in love with their product.

Even though they’ve upped their production quite a bit since 1984, they’re still committed to making a product that sticks to its roots, is consistently high-quality, and is manufactured in the beautiful city of Cleveland, Ohio.

Chrome Industries makes a wide range of apparel and accessories, but what’s at the heart of their company are their durable bags designed for urban cyclists.

It’s what led them to create the company back in 1995-they were looking for bags for their own lives, but couldn’t find any that met their standards. So they decided to make their own.

Now they make bags not only for cyclists but for anyone living in an urban area who needs something tough, functional and long-lasting.

They also make durable footwear and all manner of clothing, jackets, headwear, and other accessories that can make city living more stylish and convenient.

Gear from Chrome Industries would make a great gift for any cyclists or rugged city-dwellers in your life this holiday season.

Last, but certainly not least, we want to tell you about Wanderheart.

The Wanderheart Project’s mission is to use the sale of high-quality clothing as a means to open up a dialogue about the ways we’ve become disconnected as a society.

People spend an average of one-third of their day staring at their phones. Wanderheart wants to encourage people to take a hard look at their priorities, to spend more time actually being with the people they love, and to get out in the world and connect with others.

In addition to apparel, they also offer day, weekend or week long excursions, giving you and your loved ones the opportunity to live life to the fullest and make some long-lasting memories.

In sum, we had a frickin’ blast meeting with these brands and learning more about their mission! We’ll be on the upcoming OR in January, so make sure to tune in to our social media channels for live coverage!

If learning about these do-gooders has got you amped up to help make the earth a better place, then take a look at some more eco-friendly fashion brands.

And don’t forget to check back regularly with our blog to stay on top of the latest trends in sustainable and ethical fashion.

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