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10 Best Green Credit & Debit Cards To Support The Environment

August 18, 2022Finance
10 Best Green Credit & Debit Cards To Support The Environment

Credit is a natural part of life these days, but unfortunately, like most things it comes at a cost to the environment. Whether you’re trying to live a bit more sustainably or go fully eco-friendly, there are some great credit card options that protect the planet and value people. Here are our top 12 best green credit cards to lower your footprint.

Top Eco-Friendly Credit Cards That Support The Environment

1. Aspiration Card

Annual Fee: $60

Sustainable & Ethical Qualifications: 1% For The Planet, UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration, Crypto Climate Accord,, B Corp, Project Drawdown.

Aspiration is a firm believer that you can change climate change. Unlike most credit providers, they fund projects and companies that align with sustainable and eco-friendly values. You can also reforest while you shop and neutralize your carbon footprint with every gas purchase.

2. Amalgamated Bank

Annual Fee: None

Sustainable & Ethical Qualifications: B Corp, member of the GABV

Amalgamated Bank is an obvious feature on this list, because it really has to be one of the most sustainable credit providers. It is entirely powered 100% by renewable energy. They implement a fossil fuel-free policy, protecting the environment, and they help humankind by supporting immigrants, worker rights, and affordable housing.

3. The Green America VISA

Annual Fee: None

Sustainable & Ethical Qualifications: 4 stars by Charity Navigator

With TCM Bank’s Green America VISA credit card, you support Green America’s green-economy programs.

Every purchase you make with the Green America VISA credit card allocates a portion of the funds to Green America’s work. Each swipe contributes to fostering fair trading, green energy, organic farming, and sustainable businesses.

4. The Amazon Watch VISA

Price Range: None

Sustainable Materials: 3 stars by Charity Navigator

The Amazon Watch VISA credit card helps to conserve the Amazon rainforest. Amazon Watch has partnered with indigenous communities at both regional and international levels to protect ecologically and culturally vulnerable ecosystems.

By using the Amazon Watch card, you help conserve these sensitive areas in South America, specifically in Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador and Peru.

5. International Living Future Institute – Affinity Card

Annual Fee: None

Sustainable & Ethical Qualifications: A a501c3 organization

The Affinity Card is International Living Future Institute’s eco-friendly VISA Platinum credit card. It’s all about supporting green building and architecture.

With each swipe, a percentage of every purchase benefits International Living Future Institute’s mission of creating a better, sustainable world through eco-friendly building and infrastructure.

6. REI Co-op – World Elite Mastercard

Annual fee: None

Sustainable & Ethical Qualifications:REI Cooperative Action Fund is a 501(c)(3) public charity

The REI Co-op World Elite Mastercard is issued by U.S. Bank. Despite this, they’re a good option to consider if you’re looking for conscious credit.

Even though US Bank does fund some unsustainable projects and companies, they have invested over $10 billion in renewable energy projects! They also support community development, affordable housing, and clean energy projects with your swipes.

The bonuses for you include travel perks, no annual fee, 5% back on REI purchases, 2% back on mobile purchases and 1% back on anything else.

7. Salmon Nation – VISA Credit Card

Annual Fee: None

Sustainable & Ethical Qualifications: Ecotrust

Salmon Nation puts a percentage of their income towards growing and preserving a stretch of bio-region from Alaska all the way to Oregon, called Salmon Nation. The stretch of wilderness is one of the most biodiverse and naturally rich regions in the country.

8. Hope Federal Credit Union – VISA Credit Card

Annual Fee: None

Sustainable & Ethical Qualifications:Certified Community Development Financial Institution (CDFI) by the U.S. Department of Treasury

The Hope Federal Credit Union’s VISA credit card benefits people in the Mid-South. Members of HOPE are eligible for the VISA.

Debit Cards & Banks To Support The Environment


Annual Fee: None

Sustainable & Ethical Qualifications: Pending B Corp, 1% For The Planet, The Conservation Alliance, California Solar + Storage Association

Atmos has one of our favorite climate banking products and here’s why:  Atmos offers one of the nation’s leading interest rates on savings balances and a debit card paying up to 5% cash-back on purchases at hundreds of sustainable businesses. In addition to great rewards for you, your entire deposit balance with Atmos supports climate-positive infrastructure making measurable change for the environment. See your carbon impact grow directly in their app.

2. Sunrise Banks

Annual Fee: None

Sustainable & Ethical Qualifications: B Corp, Member of GABV, Certified Community Development Financial Institution (CDFI) by the U.S. Department of Treasury

Sunrise Banks is a renowned Community Development Financial Institution, certified by the Department of Treasury. Their community-centered ethos means they offer a range of credit cards ideal for the conscious consumer. Elan Financial, a subsidiary of US Bank, issues the Sunrise card.

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