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our mission is built out of helping brands succeed in the digital space. Through the past year, we have been working closely with brands to find the best solutions for their current needs, even outside of digital marketing.

In doing so, we have partnered with leaders in the fashion industry that specialize in helping brands in all facets of business, whether with their marketing strategy, business development, etc. Below you will find premier IndieGetup partners that we believe can further leverage your business.


IndieGetup members will save 20% off your analysis for standard fibers, and additional 2 months discount on the basic platform ($199 each).

Green Story

Now you can showcase your positive environmental and social impact through intuitive visuals and metrics. Positively influence purchasing behavior at every step of your customer’s shopping experience. Your customers can make an emotional connection with their green choices as they see the positive impact they make on the environment and society in concrete terms.

Versa Marketing

Versa Marketing Inc. is recognized as an industry leader in performance marketing. Our team of dedicated online marketers has years of experience positioning brands for optimal success and profitability. We are focused on developing customer acquisition programs with sustainable long term growth. Versa is a partner in your brand’s success.


HEM Mills


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