$1200 Men's Fall Essentials Giveaway

Gents, this one is for you. We’ve put together a trunk full of gear from a whole stack of brands you need to check out. Enter to win $1200 worth of fall essentials because it’s time to layer up!

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Featured Brands

If... Then Well

Inspired by the idea that if you’re going to do anything in life, then do it well and make it sure it is the best it can possibly be. We only make one thing… the Perfect T. Tailored with versatility in mind to look as good dressed up as it does down. Made of 100% highest quality Peruvian Pima Cotton, making it longer-lasting, less wrinkle-prone, and irresistibly soft and smooth to the touch.


MUNICIPAL Sport Utility Gear is the most comfortable, versatile and stylish athletic and casual apparel that everyone needs. At MUNICIPAL’s core is the fundamental belief that no matter who you are or where you came from, through hard work and hustle anything can be achieved. We created a line of apparel for men on the move, who need their clothing versatile, comfortable and stylish so they can go anywhere and do anything.

Wonder Goods

Wonder Goods is a brand dedicated to making bags and apparel that break in, not down. There’s a lot of lifestyles out there and for us, it’s about making sure you can live that life, look good, and feel good while doing it. We’ve built Wonder with a focus on human-centered design, collaborative culture, and environmental responsibility. We hope that our passion for designing and creating these bags is matched by the same level of tenacity and excitement that you have for pursuing your own passions. Our bags will never “just be another bag” but will be that trusted companion on your next adventure. Together, we are Wonder Goods.

California Cowboy

California Cowboy is more than just apparel. They spark conversation with their California culture! They have ultimate pool party shirts with pockets for any of your party supplies, along with hats, bottle openers, and more! California Cowboy is all about sharing your style and having a good time while you do!

Maho Shades

A product of a lifestyle centered around the Caribbean and Gulf of Mexico, Maho is a premium sunglass brand dedicated to timeless design and unrivaled performance. Since its founding in 2015 at Maho Bay on St. John, U.S.V.I., Maho has sought to create eyewear that reflects and enhances natural beauty. Our mission is to make outdoor moments extraordinary through our craft.

Oliver Charles

Oliver Charles sweaters are the go-to item for your personal uniform – a single item for all of life that looks as good as it feels and lasts for years. We 3D knit in the USA from the world’s best natural wool. We work with the soft, versatile underbelly fibers that insulate yak in the cold winter. This fiber is called khullu (“coo-loo”). Not only is khullu warmer and more breathable than lambswool and cashmere, but it’s also world-renowned for its antimicrobial properties, meaning it doesn’t trap odor like cotton and synthetic materials. Most importantly khullu is incredibly durable and will last a lifetime, which matters because by wearing clothes for 9 months longer, our individual carbon footprint can be reduced by 30%, which is equivalent to removing half a million cars off the road per person per year.

Standard Fair

Standard Fair creates modern styles rooted in iconic American wardrobe staples. Our products are inspired by our personal experiences and perspectives gained from growing up on the East Coast and living in the Rocky Mountains today. With an emphasis on unique and unexpected materials paired with hand craft, the result is a growing collection that is ethically produced in the United States and made to last. All styles are made with sustainable, long-lasting materials like vegetable tanned leather and are resoleable for years and years of wear.


CODEOFBELL is inspired to reimagine a new range of highly functional and efficient bags and accessories to blur the line of technical gear and street fashion, for the everyday urban lifestyle to the weekend getaways.